Dikonia and challenges have had a close relationship with each other but it’s mostly the former that wins. Our projects have been pushing the boundaries of mobile app design and this year was no different!

Out of the numerous projects that challenged us this year, we will talk about the top 5 mobile apps that met with unprecedented business success. We would like to share our experience of developing these applications, testing them and finally implementing them to complement the workflow of our clients so that you can gain an insight into the secret recipe of creating winning mobile apps!

You must pay close attention to the fact we custom develop our mobile applications according to the needs of our clients. We also introduce platform based integrations whenever the situation demands so.

Let’s see what we got!



Turnip is a fully automated food ordering solution for a Swiss restaurant that works with a clever combination of web and mobile apps built especially for this project.

The web app provides an interface for the customers to order their deliverables directly from Turnip’s website (also developed by us) or they can use Turnip’s mobile app to do the same.


Turnip has been built with Xamarin Android which was offered us an efficient way to develop this customisable product. For iOS users, we developed the app using the standard objective C environment to build the app. It also features PayPal and Braintree integrations to enable a smooth payment experience for the users.


Turnip mobile app provides the following functionalities to the user.

A rich listing of menu items with pictures of products.

Ability to select any of the menu items and customise the order in terms of quantity, extras, dressing, and additions.



Once selected, the menu item is added to the shopping cart from where the person can review the order summary and make the payment using a credit card or PayPal.

Frequently ordered items can be saved in the favorites list for quick access while every item that has been ordered by the user can be easily reordered with just one tap.

You have to register yourself with Turnip to start using the app. Your location and personal details are saved in the app at the time of registration.


The Web and Mobile duo helped Turnip increase their sales multi folds as orders started pouring in from all parts of Switzerland. With the help of the web admin, specially developed for managing the app’s menu and the delivery agents, the owners were able to streamline their workflow like never before. The core philosophy of Turnip is to provide freshly prepared healthy food and with the app, Turnip was able to live up to its expectations. Here is what the project owners had to testify about us;

We had a great experience working with Chhavi and her team. They contributed a lot of valuable suggestions to our vision and developed our website and app just as we dreamed it would be. They are very organized and the project management flawless. Highly recommended!

Melissa and Hannah

Project Owners





Eviva is the name of a UK based electrical engineering organization that was in the need of a centralized BPA solution that could help them manage their routine activities in a better way.

The call was made and Dikonia was ready with an answer. From head to toe, we developed another web and mobile supportive Enterprise Resource Planning software that helped Eviva keep an account of all the things that mattered to their business. Their prime focus was on:


  • Accountability of Engineering jobs
  • Real-time reports of the work carried out
  • Document Management across users
  • Expense Tracking



The Eviva mobile app has been based on Android and is used internally by the employees. The app features Java development and offers an easy way for Engineers and Contract Managers to replicate Eviva’s web setup.


Keeping in mind, the hierarchy of the organization and various tasks that need to be carried out by users of different levels, this mobile app was created with multiple user types, all with different access levels depending on the level of a hierarchy.



Engineers are the user types that are mainly engaged in the mobile app to be informed of the tasks assigned to them and send reports in real time. This user type was created with permission to view List of Assigned jobs, Upload Photos, View Job docs & Submit Worksheets.



It was made sure that both the user types were having complete interaction and no delay was encountered in exchange of information. To ensure Contract Managers and Engineers had all the information related to their tasks and worksheet submissions, various types of alerts and notifications were set up at the times when an Engineer submits a worksheet, A job is assigned to engineer, Worksheet is accepted/rejected by the Contract Manager.




Eviva is one of our most successful projects so far. The entire system that we developed skyrocketed the company’s work efficiency by 75% and helped them bring about a great sense of organization among them. The project is still active with us and is being constantly shaped according to the company’s needs. Listen to what the project manager had to say about it;

Working with Chhavi and the team at Dikonia has been an exceptional experience. The team has always been able to assist me with solutions to our business needs making life a lot easier in our business and has given us the capability of working a lot smarter and more cost-effective. Excellent team to work with, have work with many times and would always recommend to others wanting similar services. – David Lee, Project Owner

3. 121 GYM

An Australian gymnasium wanted a fitness tracking app for its clients and Dikonia got the prestigious opportunity to build one. 121 Gym is one of our most ambitious projects so far, taking app development integrations to new levels. The app not only provided a way to track the fitness of the user but also allowed integration with Pebble and Apple smartwatches.




The app was built on Android and iOS devices. It was based on Java and Objective C languages. With the help of Bluetooth, the app allowed any smartphone to connect to wearable gadgets such as smart watches to collect user data.


121Gym gives you fully customizable module to create your own exercise routines and have them scheduled at any particular day you want and even repeat the same routine over a period of time.

Custom tags help you keep track of days you have worked out or body parts or even types of exercises results in a scheduling method that caters to your specific needs.



121Gym gives you fully customizable module to create your own exercise routines and have them scheduled at any particular day you want and even repeat the same routine over a period of time.

With all your exercise and fitness data is stored in our database, we are able to draw insightful information and present it via vital statistics.

These stats help you understand your progress over time and hence chart a plan for the future. Our statistical analysis further assigns levels to each user, which are motivating in themselves.




The product was highly received by the 121 Gym clients and provided them with an intuitive way to plan their fitness routines. As a result, the Gym owner was able to boost their membership to a whole new level with the help of the app. After all, when you provide your customers with such an innovative way to use your service, they will be reciprocated to an equal measure. Let’s hear it in the words of the Gym owner;

Dikonia has once again delivered a great product and very professional engagement. The team iterated as we did to create a usable product that is popular with our clients. Timely and useful communication ensure we stayed on track. We’ve already kicked off the next project with this team.”

Leslie Barry

Co-Founder, 121Gym



Infraworks is a very large enterprise that encountered the requirement of an automated system to manage their large force of workers in different departments. Dikonia came up with a class-apart human resource management tool that was custom developed for the company’s internal workflow.

The app allowed a number of functionalities to manage workers across the company’s railway construction business. Similar to Eviva, the app allowed management of jobs, assigned projects, contractors etc to keep everything running in a smooth fashion.


The App was built for both iOS and Android devices in order to provide widespread accessibility to the employees across the organization. The app provides seamless integration with the web interface as well.


An exceedingly easy to use user interface was made for the mobile and web application keeping in mind the workers of the industry. Smooth navigation across the application with easy to approach sections they are looking for was ensured by Dikonia.


The employee management module lets the managers add field workers, clients, projects, etc… from the web application. Different levels and access were given to the employees based on their ranks to ensure proper management of the employees by the managers and avoid any conflicts in the management.


Jobs are assigned to field workers on the basis of their skill set, experience etc… and all of this is managed automatically through the application. Once the jobs are assigned, field workers get notifications on the mobile application (both Android and IOS).

A report of hours spent each day by every employee on the assigned task, hours worked in a week and many other types of reports are generated at the backend and made available to the managers and other employees.


After the implementation of the App, the company’s internal workflow was revolutionized. Tasks were completed on time, orders were managed in an efficient way and details of every area of improvement were available to the upper management by the end of the day. This helped Infraworks achieve more efficiency at work and the project owner was really happy with our work. Let’s hear him out!

Overall this project has been a massive success – I would rate is a 9.5 out of 10! I highly recommend Chhavi and her team, as they spend time understanding the process in detail, then develop a spec and finally develop the software. Changes and suggestions made are taken up very quickly, Chhavi and the team are always available for phone conference and the implementation has gone very smoothly. Nothing has been a problem, and the suggestions made to improve processes have always been spot on.

Sean Mcceanor


Field force workers, Australia



Although, you can see that Dikonia has a certain thing for developing HRM tools, the next one in the lineup exceeds the presets by great extents. HR Tools is a full-fledged corporate HRM that was further converted into a mobile app from a SaaS product.

The Australian company that offered us the project uses the tool for internal management side by side offering the product on the subscription basis.


HR Tools, likewise other Apps in this lineup has been designed for both iOS and Android and offers a great UI for the user. This comes with login module for employees and managers.


The activities tab lets the user create and manage his activities as Project and Non-Project activities.

These are 2 categories for the Activities user can use to classify his project activities. Activities such as Leave application can be easily managed and are categorized under Non-activities section.


Users can add and manage new activities under the specific projects making this module very categorized and easy to use.

This is one of the most important features of the mobile app. Timesheets have the record of the time log for the various project and non-project activities carried out by the user.


Based on his access level users can add, submit and edit the time sheets. Further adding to the ease of use for this section, time sheets are available in Calendar and List view.

Another very useful feature added in the mobile app to increase its suitability and feasibility for daily use. Unlike most of the other mobile apps which lets the user log time manually at the end of the day, this module enables users to record the time in real time.

Users can create an activity and start the timer as soon as they start working on the task. When finished, users can stop the timer and submit the timesheet, giving them full flexibility to record and manage their time.


The impact of this app can be measured by the fact that the client went into SaaS product business after meeting the internal requirements of the organization. Overall, the app complemented the web admin that was developed for the company and allowed all kinds of users to manage their work and time in a much better way. That’s the power of a well-conceptualized product, you never know what level of success it will achieve!

Listen to the client’s testimonial;

Chhavi and her team are the most professional team to work with. The product we developed with them was incredible, professional look and feel, worked to the brief. We are so happy with it and them. Working with Chhavi as a Project Manager was brilliant, she is extremely professional and customer focused. We are choosing Chhavi and her team for all our future development work. We at ASPECT studios are extremely happy and satisfied with their work!

Daniel Mcdonald

Chief Operating & Finance Officer,

Aspect Studios, Australia


We have tried to establish the fact that a mobile app can take your business to the heights you dream of it to reach. We have proved this statement over and over in our projects. All of our products have been developed in a small team of about 10 members that work in a closely knit relationship to each other and it reflects in the results.

So, don’t wait and boost your business like the above 5 companies did. Contact us today if you’re wondering how it’s done, we did it for them, we’ll do it for you!