Owning an e-commerce store is a great step forward towards expanding your business and reaching out to more customers.

But what’s the fun if your e-commerce store is struggling to produce the amount of sales volume you expect it to?

That could be a tough situation.

But with the help of customer research and web design analysis, we at Dikonia want to share some insights that should help you capture more sales from your ecommerce store.

Our suggestions are independent of niche, scale or demographics of your store, so these should apply to ecommerce websites of all kinds. Let’s take a dip.

Build Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are the best source of sales for any business.

When someone buys from your e-store for the first time, they invest their trust in you. If you offer value in return of their investment, you will get a loyal customer.

By returning value to the customer, we mean, you offer more reasons to the customer to shop again from your website.

This can be done by a number of ways, such as

  • A loyalty program where customer get reward points, discount vouchers or special offers tailor made for them.
  • By providing speedy delivery and faster delivery options even if they cost more.
  • Adding a personal message in the packaging that develops a personal bond between you and the customer.
  • Sending out email alerts of promotional sales, special discounts etc. from time to time.
  • Using secure HTTPS protocol on your website alongside security badges that further strengthen the customer’s trust in your website. (Make sure you get original certification for this.)

Later, your loyal customers can keep running the e-store for you because they know the quality of your products and they have a trust in your name. Marketing to loyal customers is easier than building new customers and boosting sales.

Product and Guide Videos

Videos are the top choice when it comes to increasing the interactivity of your e-store.

 The general design of an ecommerce website has a lot things scattered on it such as product categories, slideshows, photos and promotional banners.

Amidst all the clutter, a video can stand out and provide a clear path to your customer towards leading to the cart. Videos are easier to consume than written text and still images and provide more details in the same amount of time spent.

They also increase user retention on the page allowing them to look around more stuff on your store. You can host videos on popular video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then embed them on your front page. This will help bring traffic from the YouTube and Vimeo alike.

Make sure that your videos are not blatant advertisements but rather creatively crafted infomercials that someone will be willing to watch till the end.

If you face issues with this step, you can contact us for developing an optimized video front page.

Mobile Optimize your e-store

heavy percentage of users browse shopping websites on their mobile phones and it makes sense too.

If you promote your store on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, there’s a high chance that most of the traffic you get is coming through the apps, or mobile traffic.

It is also a point of concern that most shopping websites are not mobile optimized. Scrolling is laggy, product photos go out of frame, filters are hard to choose and so on.

These things are the biggest put-off for your customers even if your desktop site is brilliant. We’d like to quote the example of an e-store called that has a fast, responsive and easy to navigate mobile version. You can head on and take some inspiration!

Show Best Sellers Up-front

The best sellers can get you more sales if you let people know that what your best sellers are!

Make it a point to showcase best selling items preferably with a sale or discount on the top of the home page where they can easily be seen.

This will boost the audience’s interest in them and also make them believe that your store is making voluminous sales. Also that people like buying bestsellers due to the fact that they see a group trust being already invested in the particular item.

Paid Traffic

At last it’s worth giving paid traffic a shot because it is effective.

This step will however need some extra expertise to be involved. You will need to target your ads with high accuracy to your buyer’s demographic group.

Top Paid traffic channels

Pay Per Click Search Engine Ads

Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads

Twitter Ads

Most of these ad channels need campaigns to be setup that can be optimized according to your audience. It is recommendable that you spend a little more on gaining expert support for running these campaigns as unprofessional campaigns will only cost you money and no returns.


The above mentioned tactics can help you spark up sales and gain more valuable customers who would want to shop from you. Most of these are actionable tips that can be implemented with a little help of your web design partner or social media expert.
For ecommerce inspiration, check out Dikonia’s website portfolio.