Mobile apps have changed a lot since when they first arrived on the scene with the release of Smartphones. As innovation sprouts, new features and functionalities make their way into Mobile Application Development landscape.

Here are the top 3 trends that will rule the best web development services space for 2020.

Native Approach in Application Development

While we saw tremendous growth in Hybrid Mobile app development in 2018, the questionable business viability of these apps and performance issues still persist.

Therefore, the top tech companies thought of integrating the magic of hybrid with the consistency of Native Apps. We got some pretty useful frameworks for application development such as React Native and Flutter as a result.

These technologies offer the fast-paced development speed promised by hybrid platforms and the reliability of a native app.

This is simply because, both Google and Apple, the current dominators of the smartphone OS terrain, have started rolling out platform-specific features. This means that, even with the help of API calls, certain features simply can’t be put in a hybrid mobile app if it doesn’t share a native codebase.

Also, mobile app startups and developers have realized that a huge compromise can’t be made on app performance. Native is the clear winner whenever performance is concerned. Hence, we will notice a larger shift to native development in 2020, as we have seen in our React Native App Development Company.

Increasing User Engagement

If you’re using a digital wallet, a food delivery app, or an e-commerce app in your smartphone right now, what is the one thing that they keep notifying you about?

The sales offers!

All major companies who have a mobile app to sell their product are heavily investing in increasing user engagement. They’re doing this by offering tons of loyalty programs, offers, and discounts, to keep you hooked to their app.

Streaming Services 

Got a Netflix subscription yet?

Well, if you didn’t, know that 137 million people did by the end of 2018. We saw true disruption in the video entertainment industry by OTT (over the top) streaming services which made people ditch conventional television and even cinema.

As as a result, the key players in the Cinema business are now working to create content that generates a dedicated online viewership.