We hope you have some good reasons for not using React Native in your mobile app development project.

We say this because it’s one of the  agile frameworks for mobile apps. The latest React Native release 0.62 has made it even better with a bunch of improvements to its offerings. Let’s quickly go over the updates, and we’ll come back to why it should be on your mobile app development tech stack.

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Flipper comes pre-packed

Flipper is one of the de facto for debugging android and iOS applications. As React Native supports both the platforms, the availability of the tool increases the framework’s performance.

Flipper can now be used in the React Native console without integrating it manually to your project. It handles everything from Crash Reports to Device Logs.

You can go ahead use its useful Native Layout Inspector for quick edits, and you can also edit database preferences easily.

Dark Mode Support

Dark mode has been one of the most demanded features. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Netflix, every app is enabling dark mode in their user interface.

React Native’s improved Appearance module now makes it possible to plug the dark mode functionality without having to manually code all the coloring schemes. The useColorScheme hook makes it possible to render the dark mode in any app with a few lines of code.

Apple TV Support Reinstated

The developer community has reinstated support for Apple TV in this release of the React Native. Now, the developers can use the react-native-tvos components to develop an app for Apple TV.

If your app offers entertainment features, it’ll be great to deploy it on Apple TV for a wider reach.

And just like always, the full release notes are available on the Github page.