PHP powers more than 80% of websites on the internet simply because of easy interoperability of code and wide availability of PHP developers. It becomes the first choice of businesses who wish to step into the digital domain with a website or web app of their choice.

But PHP alone can’t constitute a website. You need a framework to go along, which’ll make web development much more secure, streamlined and feature-rich. We at our web development company Chandigarh use many kinds of PHP frameworks and each one has its own advantages.

Many-a-time, our clients demand web development in a specific framework but they’re unaware of better and more suitable options. We wish to bust the hype around certain PHP frameworks in order to help budding businesses take better decisions about their tech stack.

For High Performance Feature Rich Apps

  • Suggested Choice – PHP Laravel

Laravel is one of the latest frameworks in PHP that offers a number of prepackaged features inline with the industry web app expectations. These include authentication support for users, data migration capabilities and many more.

Laravel is simplified, offering good performance for business purposes. It also aids rapid development as much of the code comes with internal library support. Pere Mtaining to thVC architecture, it also offers a great deal of security for mission critical applications.

Further scalability is also a breeze when you’re starting small and looking to expand.

Our web development company Chandigarh was able to develop a Restaurant Order booking system using Laravel and we faced no difficulties in implementing the functionalities.

For Lightweight Development and Simple Use Cases

  • Suggested Choice – CodeIgnitor

Code Ignitor is a simple ultra lightweight framework that offers MVC architecture while being pretty straightforward to understand. The framework offers several in-built module and has a growing community around it.

Many developers use CodeIgnitor whenever they’re developing apps that don’t have complex requirements. It’s easy to code and is free from extraneous features that bloat the code.

The whole framework weights around 2 MB with well laid out documentation. Therefore, if you’ve a simple app with limited functionalities, CodeIgnitor can be economically a good choice.

We developed an E-Commerce Fundraising Portal using CodeIgnitor without facing any major challenges in it. The speed was impressive and we were able to finish the project quickly.

Secure and Data Intensive Web App  

  • Suggested Choice – Cake PHP

Cake PHP offers a number of ways for maintaining data security in your web app. It’s built around the idea of database intensive applications that require the framework to be secure enough.

It has support for dealing with data validation, cross site scripting, SQL Injection prevention and many more features that are ready to tackle you information security compliance hurdles.

Other than that, Cake PHP offers agile development with the help of a simplified and well-structured development console. You can build scalable Apps in this framework without struggling to write long-foresighted code.

We were able to develop a fully functional Restaurant Admin Panel using Cake PHP with great performance outcomes. The admin was connected to a mobile app and offered smooth flow of data points.

Another Inventory Management system that required large amount of database handling capabilities was also developed in Cake PHP by our web development company Chandigarh. The challenge here was the volatility and availability of data across various users concurrently.

Speedy Web App With Modern Use Cases

  • Suggested Choice – Phalcon PHP

Phalcon PHP is a framework that comes with the newer Hierarchical Model View Controller architecture that optimizes the code for easier deployment of the application.

It has been built around the idea of increasing execution speed in PHP by offering better memory utilization. If you wish to offer speedy loading as one of your key highlights, using Phalcon can be a good idea.

The documentation is well-made and the community support is quite prevalent. You can use the framework for simple applications though. Going for complex use cases for enterprise implementation is not advisable in this framework.


Choosing the right framework in the beginning is like boarding the right train towards your business goals. Once you’re on it, it’s egregiously hard to get off, which makes the choice even more critical.

Our guide towards choosing the best possible framework for your application covers an overview of what fits what. For detailed discussion on development technicalities, you can get advice from our IT consulting company

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