Preet Electricals

Inventory Management

Project Info

Project Name: Preet Electricals
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: CakePHP, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery

Project Brief

An established business in India wanted to streamline the process of it's stock management. Engaged in distribution of many products and associated with several brands and different warehouse locations, it was a challenge to manage the complete stock for all of them. Keeping in mind the not so much expertise level of IT knowledge, the application was given a simpler experience so that all of the employees can access and use the application very conveniently.


  1. User Access Rights - Since, there are many types of users at various levels, each having his own usability for the application, there is a very dynamic user management and access rights setup. Admin being at top of the hierarchy level, is able to create new users, manage users and be able to assign the access to the users as per the modules in the application. Also, admin is able to choose landing page for user member area.

  2. Different Inventories - There are different products with several suppliers and each of them has different inventory. The challenging part in this module being able to manage different inventories altogether and to meet this successfully, we have built them as seperate modules. This makes it very easy for the user to manage the stock for the products depending on supplier, material type, length, color, size, etc.

  3. Managing locations - Since, there are warehouses at different locations and the stock continously is moved from one location to another, it was vital that a very precise system was in place for this purpose. Keeping record of complete stock of all the locations and maintaining history of the stock movement from one location to another, ensured this task was done as per the client requirements. By virtue of this, client can not only manage the current movement but, also view past record from the Archives.

  4. Enquiries - Not developed as a major module, but the application provides employees to effectively enquire about the availability of the products at a warehouse. Employee searches with 1 or multiple parameters available and gets the required information about the stock from the chosen location. This helps in maintaining the stock efficiently on different locations.

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