After having conceived the next path-breaking mobile app idea, it’s time to put it to reality one line of code at a time. At this time, if you’re a young startup with a little-over-limited supply of funds and an enthusiastic team, you need a tech stack which is sheer value for money.

This is where our React Native App Development Company comes into the picture. React Native is an open-source technology that helps you build mobile apps much faster and cheaper. In the hands of an experienced developer, React Native has the ability to finish off many of the budget and time woes that businesses face.

We have been developing mobile apps using react native and we’d like to shine some light on the same.

How React Native Saves Time and Budget?

Most Startups now aim at the Minimum Viable Product that can lure investor interest into their idea and get them in the market as quickly as possible. React Native is one of the best alternatives for this.


  • React Native Requires Less Effort


React Native SDK is equipped with tools that help developers build mobile apps without having to learn Native app development such as JAVA or Objective-C that have a steep learning curve. React Native helps them build apps in simpler languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS and React’s own code practices.

This makes it easier to find developers for your project as well as keep costs in control.

  • React Native is Cross-Platform

React Native offers you the liberty to publish your mobile app on iOS App Store as well as on the Android Play Store using the single code base. Its hybrid approach makes it possible to have two different types of apps compiled without huge alterations.

This can help startups looking to target both mobile Operating Systems.

  • Achieve Better UX

React Native belongs to the category of Hybrid Mobile Apps that usually don’t offer a scintillating User Experience due to their limitations. But React Native goes one step ahead with its design support and features, making Hybrid Apps claim a new life.

Therefore, it can make your mobile app look handsome and have it perform faster without crunching resources.

What Projects are best suited to React Native?

At the global level, a number of large organizations have employed React Native for their mobile apps namely, Tesla, Uber, Skype and Facebook itself.

The most befitting example is Instagram.

React Native is good for the mid-range projects where the app doesn’t have to rely too much on the platform-specific features or device sensors. For instance, Instagram only uses the device Camera for quick photos but that’s not the main purpose it serves.

Instagram is known for its;

  • Clean and Smooth Interface
  • Quick and Real-Time refresh rates
  • Highly Interactive Features

You can expect similar features to be incorporated into your mobile app. React Native will be the go-to technology stack for achieving the above-mentioned points for your mobile app.