It’s high time we reviewed our online marketing strategies and with forthcoming New Year 2017, it is always a good time to start implementing new ideas.

From past few years, Internet Marketing has been an option of choice for every business owner to grow their online sales and profits. Business owners being completely dependent on the marketing experts, it is must to be realistic in what we recommend them for their online marketing.

Trying too many things at once isn’t always a good choice to opt as it can negatively impact a business. So, here are some tips for improving your online marketing efforts in 2017:


1. Your Website:

It is the only way to get online customers and if it’s not then, you have done something wrong with your website. Get your website to have an expert analysis to find out what all improvements can be made. Some of the important things your website must have include:

a) Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons on site’s most visited pages and linking social profiles to website allows your audience to be more engaged with you and, allows your visitors to subscribe for latest updates about your business or industry.

b) Content Optimization with hypertext keywords will boost your website to top positions of search results.

2. Review your Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free and most commonly used tool to track a website’s performance and there are many things to review and analyze with stretched eyes. Digging deep into analytics can be overwhelming due to lack of enough knowledge but, tracking some of the must-known factors can help you track your site’s performance. Take a peek at some of the factors from previous month or year such as graph of visitors, Bounce Rate, new and returning visitors, conversions, traffic sources and analyze how much have you achieved so far.


3. Social Media Promotions:

What are you sharing with your online audience on social platforms like Facebook & Twitter? At what time, you are posting content on social platforms? How many results (users’ interaction with content) you are getting for your posts? These are some questions you need answers of to analyze your social performance. Sharing promotional content every time won’t be a good approach so you definitely need other types of interesting and relevant content. Improving the social media posts quality will help your brand go viral without spending any money.

4. Review your Automated Processes:

Scheduling your Social Media posts and other marketing activities has certainly helped us to constantly maintain our online presence. But, can it impact your business negatively? What do you think? Definitely yes, automating a process gives you flexibility but if not balanced with real time statistics, it may lead to untimely posting of adverts affecting your online visibility. Depending completely on automated tools is not forsaken but you must be aware to what and when the content is shared with your audience.

5. Paid Advertising Campaigns:

Paid advertisements are one of the must be visible contents of a webpage. So, if you didn’t spend any amount on paid advertising methods of online marketing in 2016, then you must think about this in 2017. For instance, Facebook ads are a great option to promote business socially at very low cost. Creating PPC (Pay Per Click) ads campaign is a fine online marketing idea to get instant results as leads or inquiries if strategically executed.

Let us know what you think of these suggestions and how you plan to improve your online marketing strategy in 2017.

We at Dikonia have helped numerous clients grow their business online with customized strategic approach. If you need any help, just leave us a message.