Our unique proposition lies in our name ‘Dikonia’. Derived from the Greek word ‘Diakonia’ which stands for ‘working with care’, we bring extensive market desired skills with the ability to convert your goals into project objectives and robust management for uber successful completions.

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E-196, Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab



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Project Name:

Howan Restaurant

Project Type:

Web and Mobile Development

Project Technology:

Web App: HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Laravel, Moment.js, React JS, JavaScript, jQuery
Android App: Java
iOS App: Objective C

Project URL:



Stripe, Google Maps, Google Cloud Print, Social Login with Facebook and Google, Twilio Call API

Leslie Barry
Brian Chan
Manager EnyMedia

Eny Media is a small web design company that designs websites for restaurants. I’m the manager.Dikonia are pretty good. They are very responsive to any feedback and requests. Dikonia designed and developed a website for one of my customer’s restaurants. The website takes and processes orders for users. When a user signs up on the website, they can place their order and it will print out on their printer. The website is built using PHP and MySQL. There were between four and five resources assigned to my project. I was only in contact with the project manager.