React JS is an open-source Javascript based front-end framework that allows web developers to build the “View” part of the MVP paradigm. React JS, hence helps in building the UI elements of web apps and websites.

The library was released by Facebook under an open source license in 2015, after which it became increasingly popular among the web development community due to its helpful features.

React JS is currently one of the most popular repositories on Github, and is an in-demand skill around the world, due to its implementation in modern web development techniques.

Our React Native App Development Company uses React JS for front-end just like popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Codecademy, and The New York Times.


React JS is primarily used in developing the front-end for web apps and mobile apps. The structure that contains various UI elements of an app, or the dynamic features displayed on the client side, are built using React JS.

React JS has a cousin called React Native which extends its functionalities into native mobile app development as well. It’s quickly becoming one of the hot favourites for best web development services online.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using React JS are as follows.

  • Speeds Up Development – React JS allows a high level of code reusability and virtual DOM structure that reduces development time.

  • Higher Code Stability – the framework uses downward data binding which provides better code stability across the web development project.

  • Open Source – React JS is available under the open source license which means you can get started with the framework for free.

  • Ready-to-Use components – React JS provides several components that are ready to use for programmers, saving them time and effort.

Cons of using React JS are as follows.

  • Poor Documentation – The community support behind React JS is strong and large but the official documentation isn’t so well maintained. This could be a hassle for newbies to the framework.

  • JSX – React JS makes use of JSX, which is a methodology under question right now. Under wrong circumstances, it acts as a roadblock for most developers.