Sharing Ideas

Project Info

Project Name: Thunk
Project Type: Native iOS app
Project Technology: Objective C
Link to iOS app on app store: iTunes
Web Backend: Laravel, MySQL, AWS Load Balancing
Integrations: Paypal, Sendgrid
Project Name: Thunk

Project Brief

The main objective of the project was to help users to share and sell their mobile app ideas to the world.Anyone can sign in on the app, put their idea out for everyone to look at. And if a developer is interested in the idea, the app connects the client and the developer. There are various models for sharing the idea.


iOS App, Wed admin, Laraval, Sendgrid, AWS Load Balancing, Paypal payment gateway, Push Notifications.

Case Study

  1. Submit your idea and Interact - This app allows users different ways to submit their app ideas. They can have various methods of sharing, a) Profit sharing model b) Selling the idea to the developer c) Have a developer build it for money

    Following are prominent features in this app:
    a) User can chat directly with the developer if he wants to discuss features or the progress of the app.

    b) Users get notified when a developer buys their idea or sends them a chat message.

  2. Location Feature - In profile and sign up, it’s allowing users to know the exact location on the map.

  3. Categorized - User can easily choose the predefined categories for his relevant devices. And he can submit his idea based on his selection.

  4. FAQ’S - FAQs and help/feedback is also available for customer’s questions.

  5. Admin Backend - We have built a robust backend which allows the admin to manage all users, clients as well as developers.
    We also allowed Admin to chat and navigate the app ideas with his customers on phone. The backend also has a “Track” feature to know how many people have downloaded any idea and how much money they have made!

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