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Project Info

Project Name: Techombay
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, WordPress, Jquery, JavaScript
Integrations: (Chat)
Project URL:

Project Brief

This project was a major challenge in terms of the technology stack to be used for the kind of portal being developed. WordPress being more preferred technology by the client was chosen for the construction of this website heavily relying on back-end. The website is for a corporate start-up in India on the business lines of Technology Suggest. Several Product types, Role based user access, Different categories of blogs, On-site User interactivity are some major features of the website setting it up for our WordPress developers.

Case Study

  1. Role based User Access - Being a website for Technology Suggest, the website was taken upon many different types of users and so were setup as per their functions on the website. Implementer, Advisory Panel, Seller, Distributor, Consultants and many more are the different roles of the users on the website. Also, to make it easy for the users for initial signup, Signup with LinkedIn was included in the process.

  2. Services, Products and Blogs - Easily classified as the content only website or a listing website, this website has a whole of categories of products, services and blogs to be called so. Bringing insight and expert advice to latest technologies, devices and providing different services, led to building of several categories and hierarchy of products, services and blogs no less than a Marketplace, with numerous Videos adding to the complexity of data management.

  3. Plugin Integration - WordPress being both Pro and Con during the development of the project had lot of plug-ins for us to integrate and customize to achieve the website's functionality. Many functionalities were built by implementing plugins and customizing them such as Frontend chat for users, Social Sharing, Admin Support, LinkedIn Signup, Comments, etc resulting in integration of as many as 30+ plugins. Apart from this, we also wrote couple of plugins to suit the project.

  4. Frontend Users - Different member areas for all different types of users at the front-end according to their roles and access on the website ensured, the front-end users were able to get most out of the website. Ability to submit blogs, Chat with Admin, Consultants were some of the key functionalities available to them. Apart from this, users can share the blogs, Search through the data on website, Detailed review system, watch videos, etc add to the list.

Client Testimonial

We certify that we are very much satisfied with the implementation, methodology, coding, after delivery service and the professionalism with which our requirements were handled. They have the capabilities to handle large projects with complex requirements. We are very happy with their services and would continue to use Dikonia for our future requirements.

Khaarvel Parakh
Business Head, Techombay

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