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Project Info

Project Name: Swiff
Project Type: React Native app
Project Technology: React Native sails.js
Mobile App: Play Store
Project Name: Swiff

Project Brief

The Swiff app is a New Zealand based mobile marketplace for service providers. The app enables users to search for local service providers in their area and connect with them via an in-app profile. The app uses location services to help the user find the nearby businesses, categorized according to the type of service they provide.
Professionals and service provider businesses can also sign up on the app, helping them to connect with customers directly. All the important details such as business type, contact information and area of operation can be added with each business profile in the app. The app has been built using React Native and AWS Simple Email Service has been employed for emails.


React native App, AWS SES

Case Study

  1. Set Up Your Business: Local businesses and service providers can make a business account on the app. As shown, there are various parameters to capture business information from the user such as Business name, Business type and City of operation.
    A number of business categories have been given for the service providers, to make the searchability easier for service seekers.

  2. Agent Sign Up : Similarly, agents can also sign up on the app and easily choose the predefined categories for the relevant services matching their job role with the business. They can even make a new business account and enroll under it.

  3. On boarding When a user downloads the app, they get to choose what kind of account they wish to make for themselves.
    The service provider sign up and the customer sign up is enabled through the same app. The initial screen provides an option to do so, hence increasing the usability of the app. Unlike other e-convenience apps, Swiff uses the same app for the customer and service provider profiles.

  4. Features for Businesses: Following are prominent features in this app:

    a) Add Your Business on-the-go - The service providers can add their business anywhere they go on the app and also update their location. This allows for easy update of business information for businesses.

    b) My reviews - A module designed to motivate agents and service providers to get the customer reviews for their business page. This also helps the customers to see reviews for particular agent and service provider before they contact them.

    c) Communication Facilitation - The users of the app can easily contact the service providers with the given contact information from within the app. The calling functionality is provided for each service provider and business within the app.

    d) Status - The service status warrants the users of the app of the availability of the service provider. This makes sure that the customers contact the service providers within their hours of operation.
  5. Features for Customers:- Following are prominent features for Customers in this app:

    a) Status of Service Provider -Customers can see all the available services after choosing from the different categories in their area. Some services are location specific and this functionality makes the customer aware if the service they’re looking for are really available in their area or not.

    b) Search Businesses and Service Providers - The Customers can easily search for any business that lies in their area. There are several filters for finding businesses such as business type, business subcategory, name of the business etc.

    c) Saved Favourite business The customers can bookmark the businesses from which they have obtained services for future reference using the “Favourite Business” feature.

    d) Call on Preferred Location- The Customers can share their physical location on the map with the service provider, so that they can visit them for the service fulfilment. Other communication features also make the coordination between the customer and the service provider easier.

    e) Reviews and Comments for Service Provider - Customer scan also add Reviews for service providers they hire and work with. These customer reviews show up on the service provider profile page, as well as the customer’s profile section.

  6. Report Problem:- Report Problem section is also available for addressing customer’s questions and grievances with the app.

Client Testimonial

Choosing the right developer is not easy especially for a Start up like us. We made a very good decision to work with Chhavi and her team as they have been fantastic from the very start. They have communicated well through out the project and offered constructive feedbacks to further improve the product. They have been very patient and completed all the revisions we have requested in a high standard. I must say their product knowledge is excellent, they knew exactly what needed to be done and definitely made the work flow easier and straightforward. I would highly recommend Chhavi and her team if you are looking for an experience high calibre development team.

Vince Thompson
Project owner, Swiff App

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