Staging Consultations

Business Process Automation

Project Info

Project Name: Staging Consultations
Project Type: Web Application
Project Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, CodeIgniter, jQuery, JavaScript
Project URL:

Project Brief

This was a project we really enjoyed working on for the fact that it was a different project from conventional web applications. This project involved automation of the complete process and was to be used by professional home stagers and realtors to give detailed advice for people selling their homes. This project has some very interesting features built such as automated reports, Priority settings, Add and manages various aspects like clients, rooms, amenities, etc.

Case Study

  1. Process Automation - This is the main motive behind building the application i.e. to streamline and automate the complete process of reviewing the property for sale by realtors and home stagers. Being built in framework technology, this application lets the realtors and home stagers to do the following:

    a. Rooms and Amenities - One of the most important functions built for the application, this module allows the realtor/home stager to add rooms to his consultation that match the specifications of the house during his inspection. As the realtor/home stager walks through the house, this application allows him to just click and add the different kinds of rooms to his consultation.

    b. Priorities and Costing - This module adds value to the application allowing the users to set priorities from the various tasks to be performed depending on their urgency. Users can set the Priority levels to Normal, Medium and High to set their priorities and plan their work accordingly. Also, a feature to add costs for the products and tasks to be performed depending on the budget of the clients, gives the stagers flexibility to plan their budget and course of action.

  2. Client Management - The foremost and a common problem faced by professionals is to manage their clients. This application gives a very easy to use and custom build module for the realtors and home stagers to manage their clients. Adding new clients, edit and manage existing clients can all be done very easily. Further addition to this module was ability for the stagers/realtors to add consultations, edit and delete consultations for every client. These give them full control over each client’s appointments and manage their schedule.

  3. Report Generation - Preparing a report for a full house with all the modifications and products to be purchased can be a challenging and very time consuming task. We have managed to pull this off as an automated process for the realtors and home stagers. This module generates an automated report based on several inputs received from the realtors/home stages during their course of inspection of the house. The generated report allows them to also add/edit the quantities of the products required and perform automated calculations. The reports can be emailed and printed out as well.

  4. Floor-plan and Notes - This application lets the user even to build a floor plan and make notes during his inspection. A very easy to use floor-plan plug-in was integrated to the application so that the user is able to use the module easily on all the devices such as iPad and on desktop as well. Further keeping in mind, the tasks and the consultation, a feature to make notes and save them on the application was built for the user’s facilitation.

  5. Other Features - Many other features were included in the complete setup of the application which included extensive use of the Checkboxes and actions on-click, payment integration was done for the recurring payments in the subscription system, multi-level hierarchy trees were setup for the categories of rooms, amenities, etc. There were multiple user types created for the users to be able to register and sign-in as Realtors and Home Stagers with different access for them.

Client Testimonial

As a first-time creator of an application, I had no idea how the process worked. Chhavi and her team were very welcoming and guided me through the entire thing. Creating an app is a long process of trial and error and working through all the little details. While the timeline of this project ended up getting extended, I am very happy with the end result. I know that Chhavi's team spent way more hours than were budgeted, but she stuck with the contract hours and price.

Sharon Mitchell
Project Owner

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