ISKCON Community Management Web App

Project Info

Project Name: Sankirtan
Project Status: Work in progress
Project Type: PWA for handling ISKCON book distribution process, within temples all over the world
Project URL:
Our Contributuion: Website Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development
Project Technology: 1) Frontend: ReactJS
2) Backend: Node.js
3) Database: PostgreSQL
4) APIs: RESTful
Third Party Integration: Redux, React Router Dom, Redux-Thunk Axios, NodeMon, Multer, Elvanto CRM
Hosted on: Google LLC

Project Brief

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), aka the Hare Krishna Movement, wanted a custom Web Application for adding custom modules to meet their specific requirements.

The project is about the collection of complete information on the book distribution from various ISV groups and temples. The book distribution refers to the book donations done by the members of the ISV groups. Each book donated has specific points and donation amounts attached to it. The Web App provides an interface for recording the book distributions, disseminating information for each ISV group and highlighting the top performing groups across the organization.

Elvanto CRM was integrated in the Web App for managing the complex hierarchy of ISV groups and temples. As a custom integration, we had made it fully compatible with the client’s requirements, while increasing usability for the registered entities.

We have also given the option of generating a Newsletter as well, which showcases the activities of ISKCON, helping the members to stay informed about the distribution results for a given duration.

Our team worked on this project to design & develop it from scratch. Our efforts were aligned to give an exquisite look and custom functionality to the whole application. We have designed it keeping RWD (Responsive Web Design) in mind. The most noteworthy feature is the PWA (Progressive Web App) regime followed while developing the application for enhancing the user experience on smartphones.

Case Study

    Login Interface: We have created a Login page where the Elvanto CRM registered users can easily authenticate and gain access to the various modules of the web application. Also, we have used Google reCAPTCHA on this screen to reduce bot traffic, and prevent the site from cyberattacks.

  1. Dashboard: Here users can see their Default Group and the Global Group widgets that depict the book points gathered over time alongside the “Laxmi” collected. The Dashboard also shows a list of the Top Ten Temples on this screen, based on the book distribution data.

  2. Book Distribution: This is the core feature of the application. Here users can add Detailed, Quick and Bulk Data Uploads in regards to the book distributions carried out by different groups for specific time periods. Here, book distribution refers to the process of submitting the book count alongside the amount against various distributors.

    Bulk Upload: Users can also upload bulk records with import CSV file.

  3. Filters: We have managed the Search functionality for dashboard and book distribution using filters for respective content.

  4. Transactions Roll-up: We have created a table for each record so that user can see the status of their transactions as Active or Pending. Active records are rolled up automatically within the groups based on their hierarchy.

    Roll-up Reports:

  5. Manage Permissions: We have used CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations for managing permissions for each module on the web app. This is based on user roles and groups.

  6. Newsletter: The Newsletter module allows the users to create a customized Newsletter containing information about book distributions carried out for a specific duration or event. The Newsletter comprises; ISKCON lifetime, groups and individual user stats.

  7. PWA Feature: The ISKCON app has been designed on the lines of Progressive Web App methodology, which enriches the user experience on mobile devices. The ISKCON App behaves like a native mobile application and supports extra features such as offline usage, responsive UI, and local database entries.

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