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React Native

The emerging technology

React Native is an open source front end design library that unites the power of Javascript and native application code into one. It supports fast paced mobile app development that lets you use the portability of code to develop apps for iOS and Android at the same time. Some of the world’s most popular apps such as Facebook, Airbnb and Instagram use React Native.

Why choose React Native Platform?

Wondering if your next app must be built using React Native? Here are the reasons for why it is a great option to consider.

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    Easy Rendering

    Apps developed in React Native are easier to render than native platforms such as iOS and Android. You face lesser bugs and lower app development time due to code modularity of Javascript. It also makes compilation of JAVA components with React Native, making it highly preferable for high performance and UX apps.

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    React Native uses the readability standards set in React JS that are quite simple when compared to other object oriented languages. This makes the task of developers much more streamlined in order to bring the best to the app.

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    Maintained By Facebook

    React Native has been designed and maintained by the Facebook team. They open-sourced it to allow other developers to improve the platform and build apps using this unique framework. This increases the the framework’s viability as a platform.

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    React Native is quite efficient when it comes to building mobile apps as it supports faster, cheaper and high performance development. It combines the relatively easier app development practices of React JS to native code, which makes apps free of bugs with lower turnaround time.

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    Compatibility With Other Frameworks

    React Native supports cross platform development which means that you can reuse the code in several other frameworks across the web. You can even use the same code to compile apps separately for Android and iOS without re-writing them again.

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    React JS code pratices

    React Native uses pretty much the same code practices used in React JS which accelerates its development period. The shared modules and interconnectivity between React Native and React JS makes it ready for operability.

Our Offerings

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    Agile Development

    We offer quality oriented agile development for React Native Apps built for mobile and the web. Our seasoned developers bring error-free, on-time app development that supports several industries and use cases.

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    Our team is dedicated at fixing errors and managing server side end of the app in order to keep it running at maximum efficiency. We take care of all the maintenance needs of your app for business feasibility.

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    We support various RESTful API calls native to Android and iOS to make your app fully functional. We also offer developer API support for integrating databases and new features into the app.

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    You also get world-class support for all kinds of issues with highly experienced project coordinators and excellent addressal of your queries. Providing you with the best possible client experience is our key business ethic.

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