Punjab IAS

Voting Web App

Project Info

Project Name: Punjab IAS
Project Type: Voting Web App
Project Technology: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
Project URL: Punjab IAS

Project Brief

In the process to streamline and maintain confidentiality the Administrative processes of the State Govt., foremost requirement was to update the Voting process of the IAS department of the State Govt. Being one of the most important and highly ranked departments it was of great essence to pull this off with high accuracy and efficiency.
Dikonia did a great job to build accurately their complete process of voting on e-Ballot paper.


  1. Role based Access - Depending on the ranks of the users, different roles and access levels were setup. Users with higher ranks were given privileges to create voting campaign and balot papers and approve/disapprove the candidature. Similarly, users with other ranks were allowed to only vote or submit candidature for the campaign.

  2. Onboard Messaging - The application also allowed users on the app to have a group chat. The groups are created in the application based on the year of joining of the officers. Though minimal but, this module provides ease of discussion among the group members related to nominations, selection, voting and results.

  3. Ballot paper and Voting - Each time for the elections, ballot paper is generated with new candidates. Ballot paper is valid only during the time of election and gets deactivated after that. Candidates after submitting their candidature get approval from the election committee for their nomination. Users voting on the ballot paper should also be only the registered users on the application and have to record their vote for each rank.

  4. Algorithm programming - It was essential to setup the entire campaign according to the Govt. norms and therefore, in-between all the rules, a complex algorithm was programmed to ensure the counting and result calculation of the campaign was up to the mark.

    The algorithm automates the selection of candidates and vote counting based on the ranks candidate has applied to and number of votes received. In case, if the candidate has applied to multiple positions, the algorithm automatically considers the rank with more number of votes candidate has received under consideration for the result calculation.

Client Testimonial

We hired Dikonia to build the Website for The Punjab State IAS Officers' Association along with an online voting application for Elections of the Association. They have done an excellent job of automating our complete voting process. We are very happy with the work they did for us, and would love to work with them again.

Gurkirat Kirpal Singh, IAS
General Secretary,The Punjab State IAS Officer's Association

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