E-Commerce Fundraising Portal

Project Info

Project Name: PT4PT
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: CodeIgniter, jScript, Payment Gateway
Project URL:

Project Brief

PT4PT is a unique fund raising portal wherein money is donated by actual customers via the purchase of the portal’s main product – Electrodes. There were several interesting aspects of developing this specific project. Delving into a high data volume project, with a special need to ensure data security tested our skills and knowledge. Data structuring to ensure every piece of information stored by the portal is encrypted, secure, and available via the right channels was implemented. Backed by an easy to use content management system, PT4PT was an all round great project to learn from.


  1. Multi User Accessibility - Other than the main client user, who would be making purchases via the system, the portal had to be designed to allow unlimited number of Political Action Committee (PAC) to sign up. PACs are the political parties that register with PT4PT to benefit from the fund raising process. Each PAC would be able to control their content on the portal, and be able to view reports regarding the amounts they have raised. Alongside these, a comprehensive Admin portal which displays details regarding every activity across the web portal was created.

  2. Secure E-Commerce Portal - A safe, secure and easy to use payment portal was implemented to ensure that the user's process from the input of number of electrodes to purchase, to selection of PAC and payment requires the least number of clicks. Users can either register with the portal, or may choose to check out after selecting their preferred settings.

  3. Content Management System -A complete content management system that allowed the Admin to control the email notifications sent out upon various activities on the portal, the tax settings, select and manage legacy partners, manage banners, manage products, and more, is one of the more comprehensive systems we had built at the time. We like to think of it as a simplified, easy to use version of WordPress.

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