Next Hand

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Project Info

Project Name: Next Hand
Project Type: iOS Mobile App
Project Technology: Objective C
Project URL:

Project Brief

Next Hand is an e-commerce application which is built to make buying and selling of products fast and easy. Keeping in mind user experience, the UI is designed such that the user feels familiar with the app even at first time use. Unlike other e-commerce apps, this app gets user in the loop as soon as he snaps and posts his product on the app. User just has to add a description choose a relevant category, setup a price, and all is set for getting the buyers attracted. A flexible backend, that is not only easy to use, but also secure, intuitive and highly informative.


IOS App, PhP Web Admin, Mandrill Integration, Facebook App for sharing, Web Services to connect Web Admin with the app.


  1. Multi User Accessibility - Next Hand allows users with different purposes to get on the app. It has multi user accessibility depending on whether the user is to Buy or Sell a product. Two user types Buyers and Sellers were created for the app. Buyers for the ones who wanted to make a purchase and Sellers for users looking to make a sale. Alongside these, a robust backend for the Admin, from where he can add/edit/delete categories, review all users, deactivate users, delete items if needed.

  2. Product Categorization - Next Hand not only facilitates users with an easy to user interface but, also makes categorization of the products easier. The Sellers can categorize their listings easily using hashtags all within the title of the item. And Buyers can search for items that are being sold by searching for category hashtags or tapping on hashtags within listings which also includes categories, descriptions and user’s hash tags.

  3. User Interaction - To minimize the problem of How to Contact the Seller, Next Hand is integrated with multiple options to make contact between the users possible. The users can opt to Call, E-mail, SMS or even chat with another user. Further, all the messaging is automated so that making talking to other app users that much more easier.

  4. Notifications -Yet another feature to complete the app was included to facilitate users with instant alerts for Sign-up, Forgot Password, etc. A reliable e-mail system of Mandrill was included to make sure the notifications and mails were delivered well on time thereby ensuring there were no delays in the procedure of buying or posting a product.

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