Medical Sound Treatment

Project Info

Project Name: Neurosonica
Project Type: Android and iOS app
Project Technology: Native Android and Native iOS
Mobile App: Play StoreiTunes
Web Backend: Php, Jquery, Ajax, MySQL
Integrations: Streamming kit for Play Audio, In-App purchases

Project Brief

Neurosonica is the world's first mobile application featuring Medical Sound Treatment that helps users manage stress, sleep and more, with a complementary Mini-D-Stress module. An Android and iOS apps were developed for this project with the multiple evidence-based benefits for their bodies, brain and mind with this sound-tech breakthrough.

Keeping in mind user experience, the UI is designed such that the user feels familiar with the app even at first time use.

Case Study

  1. HOME SCREEN: The home screen offers an interactive User Interface containing the company branding and toggles for activating respective Smart Sound modules. In order to keep things simple, there are only three options to the user, Mini Module, Information module and Full Module.

  2. MINI-D-STRESS MODULE: Mini-D-Stress offers the users a stress relief experience with the world’s first Medical Audio technology. Mini-D-Stress is powered by NeuroSonica SmartSound - a groundbreaking Class 1 Medical Audio included in the Australian Government Register of Therapeutic Goods. Mini-D-Stress is multi-functional. The users can use it for:

    a) On-demand help for stress, anxiety, burnout and panic relief

    b) A nano-nap to assist workplace stress and study performance

    c) A powerful tool for meditation, yoga or mindfulness

    d) Help for sleep at bedtime

    e) Improving your mood

    f) Helping with headaches

    g) Regeneration after sports, gym or other exercise

  3. Mini-D-Stress: Relieve stress, mild anxiety and tension headaches

    a) Reduce workplace stress and improve study performance

    b) A nano-nap to assist workplace stress and study performance

    c) Support sleep preparation and promote mindfulness

    d) Assist recovery after sport or other exercises.

  4. Full Module: Users can take advantage of the premium, full-length SmartSound medical assistance for managing stress, anxiety, sleep enhancement or regulation, and insomnia. If so, just click Unlock in the App, purchase a code, then enter it to unlock all of the full-strength Sleep Solutions sessions.

    NeuroSonica audio is attracting interest from health professionals and organisations worldwide for its

    a) Rapid, effective, on-demand results

    b) Multi-functional neurological, psychological and physiological benefits

    c) Heart-friendly, evidence-based sound technologies

  5. INSTRUCTIONS SCREEN: This screen displays the various In-App instructions, Terms and Conditions, etc that the user must know about. The clean and legible design makes the instructions apparent to the user in no time.

  6. USER GUIDE: A comprehensive user guide was created in order to make the user familiar with the app quickly. The guide explains how the app works, and how to effectively use it to relieve stress. The guide displays text and images for the user to absorb quickly. It also enlists a number of tips that the user can keep handy for reference later.

  7. SUPPORT SCREEN: The support screen provides various ways by which the users can obtain support from the company and resolve their queries. The screen has FAQ’s and articles on support topics that the user may come across. The users can also contact the company staff for more help using the support screen page.

  8. SUBSCRIPTION: The in-app Sleep Solutions Subscriptions comes with full instructions, is easy to use and is available by convenient monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, which you can cancel or renew at any time. The Restore Purchase option allows users to reinstate their active purchases in case they have downloaded the app again, or on a new device.

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