Money to Life

Financial Advice App

Project Info

Project Name: Money to Life
Project Type: Web Application
Project Technology: Core PHP, Ajax, jScript
Third Party Integration: MailChimp
Project URL:

Project Brief

An extensive application that is focussed on providing real life financial advice based on data input by a user regarding his actual financials. This application is designed to handle very sensitive personal data, process it against financial norms, and output information that allows a user to plan his financial future securely. For this project, we tied up with financial experts in India's commercial capital, Mumbai, who helped us understand industry norms.


  1. Financial Calculators - A set of financial tools that help with calculating various everyday finances, ranging from long term monetary investment returns, to monthly trackers that keep a check on your savings and expenditures, were developed for this large online application. Extensive research and development was needed to understand and implement all the complex formulae used to make accurate calculations.

  2. Financial Goals - A set of tools that help with financial planning based on the present, and historic financial data of a user. The system takes into account all liabilities, modes of income, and expenditures of a user. Projections of expenses, and incomes of both the near and far future are made based on growth potential of industries, family members and past investments, which helps a user to understand the kind of monetary investments and savings he/she should be involved in to ensure a secure future wherein he/she can fulfil their goals and secure themselves financially.

  3. Large Data Handling - Our software experts are very adept at handling large data, and their skill was put to the test with this project. However, it was figuring out how to entice a user to input large quantities of data without losing interest. An innovative, clever, clean and modern design which broke down processes, and forms into less daunting and more manageable sections helped us achieve our goals.

  4. Content Management System - - Alongside the conventional requirements of managing content, images, icons, etc, this financial application required administrator control over fine details. The need to be able to change numerical assumptions used for making calculations, so that the system may remain up to date with changes in government regulations, economic fluctuations, and industry norms, resulted in an extensive back endx.

Client Testimonial

The Dikonia team is integrated with our team and worked in parallel as equal members of the team. Dikonia has always been very responsive to our need.

I appreciate the work done by Sajal while working with our team. He showed good professional attitude in his work. He grasped the requirements too quickly and worked on the assigned tasks to our satisfaction. He never accepted all the requirements as it is. He understood it, questioned and also corrected us. He required very little supervision and handled most of the tasks independently. He also presented alternative approaches in his solutions to the issues. He has treated this project as if it’s their own. We have got many valuable inputs from them.

We always feel very comfortable providing requirements at a level where Dikonia had to come up with the design and implementation ideas. We are always delighted with the innovativeness presented in their solutions. Dikonia team is very patient and supportive. The design and layout met my brief exactly, and I am very pleased with the result.

Bug fixes are delivered in a very predictable way. Dikonia is a most valued partner for our project.We will continue to work with Chhavi and her team on many new web portals that we have in pipeline.

Rashmi Bhamare
Project Owner

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