LevelUp My Music

Music Streaming App

Project Info

Project Name: LevelUp My Music
Project Type: Mobile Development
Mobile Application: IOS App: Swift 5
Streaming Server: Ampache
Web Backend: Core PHP
Integrations: Airplay, In-app Purchase, Apple Watch
iOS URL: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/level-up
Android URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/a>

Project Brief

A well reputed and established Music streaming company from US approached us to have their client requirements fulfilled for a Music Streaming Mobile Application. After study of their clientele, which were mainly Gyms, Martial Art Schools, etc. we were tasked with iOS app for them. Complete Streaming server, iOS App, Subscriptions as well as integration with Airplay and Chromecast devices was carried out by us in complete project done in Swift 4.


IOS app, Music Streaming, Ampache Streaming Server, Web Backend, Airplay, In-app Purchase, Apple Watch.

Case Study

  1. Streaming Server and Web backend - Unlike conventional streaming apps that use only backend from the streaming server, Ampache in this case, complete customization was carried out by us for the back-end to satisfy modern UI requirements of the client. Core PHP was used to build custom modules along-with Streaming server backend to make sure client was able to add music, artwork, subscriptions, manage users and do lot more from the backend easily. ID3 tags are used to recognize specific artwork uploaded for a mix via CSV.

  2. Music Player, Songs and Mixes - Each mix on the app was of around 60 mins length comprising of different songs i.e., each mix had different number of songs of different duration and, needless to say such heavy mixes require loads of time to buffer. Since, this could jeopardize the user experience and to get ahead of competitors, steps were taken ensuring there was no more than 1-2 seconds of buffering at start of the mix and none while playing.

    Music player was customized to ensure NO REWIND was allowed to be compatible with copyrights and at the same time had ability to repeat the complete mix. User could choose any song to play from mix and this is also being played without any buffering.

  3. Dashboard, Analytics and Reporting - Very detailed analytics were required for reporting by the Admin to comply with copyrights of the songs. Each song was monitored not only for how many times it was played but also for duration it was played each time which is in itself a complicated process covering multiple use cases.

  4. Playlists, Favorites and Timer - User centric features were added in the app like Favorites and Creating Playlists. Keeping the concept, clientèle and domain of the app in consideration, a feature to allow the users to add mixes/songs to play during workout for a specific time was also added to app. This ensures the music of choice is played unlimited and continuously during workout of the user.

  5. Integrations, Subscriptions and Others - Apple airplay and Apple watch integration are done to the app further adding to the feature list of the app. In-app purchase for monthly subscriptions is also part of the app. User has to subscribe to the recurring monthly payments to continue using the app and listen to music after expiry of trial period. Apart from this user can search for his mix, genre on the app and also use filters like Bitrate to refine the results.

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