Custom LMS Application

Project Info

Project Name: Jnanjug
Project Type: Custom LMS Application
Project Technology: CakePHP 3.0, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Modernizer
Project URL: Jnanjug

Project Brief

Among our diverse portfolio with applications done for different industries, JnanJug is unique and first LMS system we did. JnanJug is custom built LMS system developed in CakePhP with complexity of University Level Education system. This platform offers a very easy to use backend for Teachers and Admin and students can easily choose from the available courses and opt them on website.


Group Chat, Online Tests, Interactive Videos, Course Application, Course Progress Bar are some of the features that we have built in this application.

Case Study

  1. Education Level Hierarchy - Since, this website is built for a University level system, it has complete hierarchy and complex courses to go through. Users upon choosing a course is prompted to complete all Topics within a unit and All Units within a course for successful completion. Each Topic has a Quiz which is mandated to be qualified to proceed to next topic and same is for the Units.

  2. Online Quiz, Assignments and Discussions - Each topic and unit have a Quiz which is to be qualified by users to move to the next. Quizzes can have Text based questions, Single choice questions and Multiple-choice questions. There are assignments issued by teachers for units and topics that have to be completed as well. Apart from this, students can also view response from their Teachers for their Assignments.

  3. Interactive Courses - All the courses on the website have videos, assignments, quizzes, Group chat, Progress Bars which make them very interactive. Courses can be bought online by users and can be added by Teachers and Admin.

  4. Admin and Teachers - This application allows access to Admin as well as staff members role defined as Teachers. While Admin has all the managerial access including the analytics and financials from the website. There are common functions between Teachers and Admin. Both the backend users can Create new programs for Teachers and Students, create quiz and assignments with different question types, Review the assignments and quiz online, publish reports to student member area, create discussion forum (group chat), and many others.

  5. Others - Apart from the extensive functionalities mentioned above there is community and blog section on the website which is manageable by the Admin only. Blogs can have Videos, Pictures, Featured Video for blog listing and complete analytics including number of comments, date published, number of views, Custom Tags, etc. Other features included on website are Newsletter subscriptions, Reviews and Comments and Search.

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