As an addition to our weekly blog, this time we’re interviewing our developer Team Lead, Vineet Chauhan to gain insights about his role at Dikonia and what he thinks about the IT industry.

Vineet is incharge of guiding the developer team through all kinds of projects that Dikonia delivers and he makes sure the project is met with due priorities. He recently completed his one year at Dikonia and he has left a great impact on the team.

Let’s listen to what he has to say!

Hello Vineet Sir, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, My name is Vineet Chauhan and as you know, I am leading the development team, at Dikonia since the past one year. I have a Masters degree in Computer Application and about five years of total work experience as a developer.

I started my career in Dehradun where I worked for about an year before finding a spot in Dikonia. Although, Dikonia was a great place to be in at that time, coming to work in Chandigarh was just one step towards taming my ambition.

After about 16 months or so, I moved to Bangalore, the so called prime IT hub of India, in search of even better opportunities. I couldn’t have guessed that this step would later present me with more issues than opportunities.

I didn’t find the fast paced Bangalore as rewarding as Chandigarh, nor was I impressed by the type of work that was given to me at the company over there. In a matter of a few months, I returned back to Chandigarh and guess what! I joined Dikonia again.

Since then, Dikonia has been special for me.

So, when did you decide to become a developer?

I had decided to step into web development long time before I stepped into graduation. I am one of those people who have wanted to be a developer all their life!

The inspiration hit me when I was a kid and one of my neighbours made it big being a developer. He too pursued MCA and later got a chance to work with a famous MNC in the US. This was quite something back in the day and it later transcended into my own career choice!

What’s your favorite thing about your job and is Dikonia able to fulfil that?

Well, I like being challenged at work. And yes, that is fulfilled at Dikonia, comfortably! (no pun intended)

By challenges, I don’t mean that I like finishing 10 projects in one day, but I enjoy the fact that I am given the opportunity to exercise my skill and talent to the point where it will only get better. There’s a lot to learn.

Dikonia is a “D” for dynamic place, where the team has delivered a wide variety of projects. One month we’re on a food ordering app, the next, we are sorting integration issues with a Cab booking app. Matter of fact, I have worked on 8 different technologies such as Laravel, Ionic, CakePHP etc, in the past one year

Another thing that I enjoy is that the management really understands the technical constraints associated with development. The team is given enough time and preference to work on a technology, rather than it being imposed on the team. I’ll credit this fact to the success of the company.

What’s “your” most difficult type of client to deal with?

Clients generally are all cool, but at times we do get an odd one out from the crowd. I find it begrudging to deal with clients who are extremely autocratic by nature.

They just won’t listen to anything you say, neither would they pay attention to the project’s technicalities, they would just dictate their will and want it done by tomorrow.

If issues arise, they are ready with the blame game and what’s worse, they won’t even consider the alternatives. I believe mutual cooperation on a project is the key and wherever its lacks, the project becomes tough to handle.

Which Web Design Framework is ruling the market, according to you right now?

I believe Laravel has been on the top from quite some time now, so my vote would go to it.

In general, the choice of framework pretty much depends upon the nature of the project, so I won’t say a single framework can rule the market. It’s just what’s trending becomes the favorite.

Having worked in an IT outsourcing company, why do you think there is such a heavy outsourcing demand from India?

There are two simple reasons for it, skill and price.

The graduate education scenario of India is highly inclined towards technical fields, IT mainly, that have created a rich storehouse of IT talent in the country.

Although, we see major tech breakthroughs coming from all the developed nations, they still don’t have enough human resource for it. To add further, outsourcing a project is significantly cheaper for them, which is business benefit.

Hence, India becomes their favorite choice in all regards, they get unmatched skills at a really attractive wage rate. Dikonia’s folio is a living example.

What advice would you like to offer to the freshers making their way in to development?

One advice that I would like to offer to the freshers is that they should stop changing jobs in the search of the “better”.

I did the same mistake when I shifted to Bangalore, and I still repent it. Moreover, this culture only brings troubles later on as you can’t really foresee what kind of challenges you will face at the new workplace. If you have found a company worth working with, keep it for the longest time you can.

From the technical perspective, I would say that developers must match their feet with the constant updates that are rolling out in the market. Today, the tech specs of each popular technology are heavily updated every six months and keeping up with this pace is the key to truly shine as a developer.

Rest, stay confident about your work, build clean code and never panic whenever you’re stuck, the internet has a solution for virtually everything, go and look in!

Founder – Chhavi Firani’s Testimonial for Vineet

Vineet is an honest and hardworking person. I have found him extremely reliable with whatever project we assign to him. The best part about his presence here at Dikonia is that he has uplifted the quality standards of the entire team with himself. I have seen the team gel together in a much better way and do brilliantly well under his supervision, which I believe is an asset to our organization.

Something, I know every company wants to look out in their Team Leader!