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Human Resource Management Application

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Project Name: HR Tools
Project Type: Web Application
Project Technology: Core PHP, Ajax, jScript
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Project Brief

Starting with simple stand alone modules to help Aspect Studios, a design company based in Australia, with managing their employees, HR Tools has come a long way to become a complete Human Resource Management Application. HR Tools started off as a way for management to connect with their employees to understand an employee’s expectations, and as a means of communication when it came to evaluating an employee. From there, the application has grown to include survey systems, project management, time management, leave management with three distinct user types of ‘Company’, ‘Manager’ and ‘Employee’. Based off this custom tool developed for Aspect Studio, today one can subscribe to the online SaSS versions of the product on


  1. My People - An all in one module that allows the company to keep track of all its employees, and its clients. The application allows one to add as many employees and clients to the system as required. The system then helps managers keep track of leave statuses, approvals and rejections for employees, along with possibilities of promotions and demotions for each employee. Based on the designation assigned to an employee, the system can be configured so as to include or exclude access to any module of the system. For clients, the system is able to maintain a running address book, complete with multiple contacts for each client.

  2. My Reviews - A module designed to motivate employees to take on new tasks assigned to them by managers, so that they may pick up new skills. This system organizes the learning and growth methods, by allowing managers to assign Key Performance Indicators, and creating Personal Development Plans, that an employee should meet in order to verify the new skills that they have accumulated. Based on the quality of work accomplished by the employee, the system is able to chart out total progress of an individual employee.

  3. My Surveys - This module allows the administrator to create surveys both in English and Chinese. A simple to use form builder generates multiple choice type surveys, or questions that can be answered using a textarea. Surveys can be for internal use, meant to be shared exclusively with employees, or external use, meant to be shared with clients. The results of the surveys are made available to appropriate users based on access privileges granted.

  4. My Projects - A to the point, easy to use project management tool that rids you of the extra, unmanageable data, which generally comes bundled with off the rack project management tools. My Projects allows a user to create projects against clients, assign them to managers, and their team members. The system allows you to break the project down into phases, and the track progress of each phase, alongside the amount of work each team member is putting in. Detailed, and easy to follow project reports help you understand the efficiency of your processes, thereby allowing you make informed decisions regarding any changes you may want to implement in your company.

  5. My Time - A sophisticated time management tool, that allows a manager to allocate hours for employees per task. The system manages these hours on a calendar applet, which ultimately generates timesheet reports per task and per employee. The system helps in understanding real life time consumption for tasks, and hence leads to a clearer understanding of employee efficiency.

Client Testimonial

Very happy with Dikonia and Chhavi. Dikonia have become our trusted partner across many of our businesses. They are quick to respond, their work is outstanding and always are putting forward solutions to address our needs. A great team and a great operation. Happy to discuss personally, please send an email to

Daniel Mcdonald
Chief Operating & Finance Officer, Aspect Studios

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