Grooming For Good

Appointment Booking App

Project Info

Project Name: Grooming For Good
Project Type: Mobile App Development
Project Technology: React-Native (App End), Server end: Laravel, MySQL, Nexmo API
Integrations: SMS api, country drop-down npm, bottom-sheet dialogs, otp verification.

Project Brief

Grooming For Good is an easy-to-use Groomer Appointment Scheduling app for pet grooming business owners made to help them manage their grooming business on-the-go. This application is created with the highly useful features on both ends i.e. for pet groomers and for the customers. Keeping all the requirements in mind and the appointment scheduler capacity of the application, we chose React Native as the development base for this project.

Mobile Screens are beautifully designed with the amazing color combination and font. SMS API is integrated to send short message alerts to the groomers to keep them updated regarding the requests of pet owners. Similarly, OTP verification, bottom-sheet dialogs, and country drop-down npm are integrated in this application. For a detailed description of all the features, have a look at the case study.

Case Study

  1. Splash Screen: Look at the beautifully designed splash screen with the name of the application and a pair of hands around the dog that signifies the care and love.

  2. Login: Once the app initiates, the login panel appears on the screen. Using the mobile number, the user can login to this app. Once the mobile number is entered and request for an OTP. .

    A 4-digit code will be sent via SMS to verify the mobile number. After entering the code, he is allowed to access the application.

  3. Easy to Book Appointments: The app allows the users to easily schedule an appointment with the pet groomer on their preferred day. Users can choose the date of their appointment as per their will.

  4. Enter Details: The customer needs to enter the details like address, their dog's breed and select the service they want. Then hit the submit button as shown in the figure.

  5. Update Appointment details: The Customers can update the details as many times as they want. Like they can modify their addresses, select other services and so on.

  6. View and Manage Client Requests: The groomers can easily view and manage the client's requests. Also they can delete the customer's after providing them services.

  7. Chatting Feature: Once the groomer receives a grooming request from the customers, then they will quickly text or email right from the app to notify the customer regarding their request and initiate a chat to explain the services.

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