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Project Info

Project Name: China School Website
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: PHP Laravel
Project URL:
Web Backend: Laravel, MySql, Bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax
Integrations: Postmark

Project Brief

China School is a web directory service that contains records of China's top educational institutes and academic job opportunities. The website provides the ability to explore the details of available job posts, academic professionals and educational institutes. The users can register on the website as an educator or a school and create their profiles, that can further be shared with other users.
For the schools, the website acts as a great way to share available job vacancies with the best quality teachers from around the world. In addition, the school administrators will be able to see which teachers are working in their city and are searching for relevant job opportunities. If the schools maintain an Account, they will be able to directly contact the candidates they are interested to interview or hire.


Postmark, Stripe, WeChat and Alipay, Laravel, MySql, Bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax

Case Study

  1. Case Study: In China School Directory, users can search for schools and jobs, enlisted in China. The website provides details of the schools in China alongside professional details of educators. School staff can activate their school listing from the website’s school page.

  2. Activate Your school profile: On the website, the users can activate and manage the school profiles after being claimed by the respective school. Users can activate their favourite school with the ability to save/unsave any school from their profile.

    After activation, the user can add all information related to the school profile as required.

    If a school owner happens to have a number of school branches of the school, then they can also assign other branches to other users accordingly. The assigned school profiles are then handled by the authorized users.

  3. Applied for jobs: The educators can view the school profiles and contact the school owner/administrators directly for enquiring about job vacancies. The home page features the enlisted schools on the top so that the user can get information about the jobs available at the top schools. Search all the available positions with schools across China in the “Jobs” page. All featured school jobs are also shown on the top of the page.
    Educators can save relevant job listings in their profile pages and they can also apply for the searched jobs.

  4. Message Integration: All educators and users can directly chat with each other to resolve queries. The functionality has been implemented in separate modules. The registered educators can manage their chats according to the profile they’re chatting with. The platform provides separate chat functionality between educators and schools, and educators and other educators.

    Same goes for school profiles. If a school administrator contacts other users as a school owner, then the chat message arrives separately in their school profile message section.

    It was a challenging task to implement this functionality for two modules with the same email address of a user.

    Notification: When any user sends a message or applies for a job, a notification alert is sent to the user for viewing or reading the messages.

  5. Save your favourite job in your profile list: Educator has access to add or remove their favourite jobs from the “Jobs” screen and his profile screen.

  6. View Educators: Anyone can see the educator profiles after making a payment. They can contact any teacher easily after viewing their profile as they match or detail match from this page.

    There is also a feature to save favourite educator in their profile for future reference.

  7. Payment process: 4 Plan subscription payments are implemented in the following ways. Users can make the payment with the option of their choice.
    a.) Alipay Payments
    b.) Wechat
    c.) Credit card.

    For now, the users can manage the school profile, contact to educators and view educator profiles for no cost.

  8. Update daily with blogs: The website admin can add blogs to the website from a back-end.

  9. Backend Panel: In order to provide fine-grained control to the website admins, a very detailed Admin Panel was built for the web application. The admin panel contains the following features:
    a.) The Admin has access to activate and deactivate educator profiles after viewing their profiles or documents attached during the sign-up process.

    b.) The Admin has access to enlist schools or edit and delete them as per choice.
    c.) The Admin can also claim schools and manage the job panel for other users from the back-end.

    d.) Testimonial and blogs page- Blog page and testimonial page only managed by the admin which will be shown to all educators and school owners who manage a school profile.

Client Testimonial

Chhavi and her team at Dikonia were wonderful to work with and definitely recommend them to everyone! From the very beginning, she understood our objective and what we were looking to accomplish with the website. Communication is very important when working with a freelancer and Chhavi was always very responsive! As the website develops there are always small changes that need to made and their team also understands this and is very responsive in this regard. Will definitely hire again!

Eric Haun
Project owner, China School Directory

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