Real Time Employee Feedback Application

Project Info

Project Name: CheckInHR
Project Type: Web Application
Project Technology: Laravel, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and JavaScript
Project URL:

Project Brief

This project marked yet another successful SaaS application done by Dikonia. This is a large application which concentrates on the feedback received from the employees and generating reports based on the feedback received. A complete organization structure and hierarchy was setup with different users and access levels. The users are allowed to initiate different types of survey’s which serve different purpose in this application.


  1. Surveys & Question types - This module is core of the entire application as the application is itself about receiving feedback from employees of the organization through Survey. Unlike other Survey Applications which only lets the users to answer questions and create questions to an existing survey, this application also lets users to create complete new surveys categorized in 4 pre-defined categories to suit his purposes. The users can save the surveys as Templates and even Schedule the Surveys to be sent in future. The users can choose the type of question they want to ask depending on its purpose from question types such as Radio Question, Multiple Choice Questions, Text area questions and Ranking. The users can even ask their fellows to provide a quick feedback on any project, meeting or self.

  2. Reports - Reports were another very significant module for this application as this involved the display of responses received from the employees of an organization. Custom reports were created with added features like Comparing 2 different surveys sent at different times under same category to monitor the state of progress by the organization. Another feature added to reports is ability for the user to filter and re-arrange the results of different reports. Reports are available to only the Manager Level and Company Admin and are unavailable to the employees of the organization. The only exception is 1:1 survey which is initiated and reviewed at individual level by employees to monitor their own performance.

  3. Guides and Quiz - This application allows the Managers and Company Admin to create learning guides for their team to develop skills and areas of feedback. Each guide also has a quiz for evaluation of the employees for the said Skills. The users have option to choose to share the guide with a specific department of his organization, any team, entire organization, self or all the users of the application exterior his own organization as well.

  4. Company & Employee Management - This application lets the Mangers and Organization Admin to easily manage the employees and their departments. Depending on the user access level, the user can edit company information, employee information, assign employees to specific department, select reporting officer and manage teams in the departments. Moreover, a complete Hierarchy is setup in the application to easily monitor the organization in the form of a Multi-level Organization Tree.

  5. Other Trending Features - Many other features were custom built in this application to enable users easily operate and keep themselves updated regarding the activities on the application. Trending features such as Email & Notifications for different activities of the organization, Subscription and Billing system based on the number of users in the organization & choice to opt for Monthly & Annually payment was setup. Along with 4 different user types and different access level for each user type, a very comprehensive Dashboard for the users was setup which allows them to check for all the updates on the Dashboard itself making it easy for them to navigate and respond to requests.

Client Testimonial

Pleasure working with the team. They are responsive, professional, and can execute. The team delivered high quality follow on work to an existing project.

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