Project Management Portal

Project Info

Project Name: Bizzied
Project Type: Project Management Portal
Project Technology: Laravel, Node.js,, Twitter Bootstrap, jquery
Project URL:

Project Brief

A well reputed Australian client, came up with an idea to build a complete Project Management portal on the lines of Kanban and with an inspiration from Trello, adding to it some new features of his own. SRS documentation with DFDs, UI building, Agile development methodology was the approach adopted by our team to make the project successful. To maintain security and real time data on the application combination of Laravel and Node.js was chosen for the development.


  1. User Friendly and Interactive - Major attention has been paid to make sure the platform is very user friendly and users can perform all operations easily. Drag and Drop Project and task cards to re-order and change the sequence are one of the other features included in the platform. Other features included from this prospective are change appearance, search and filter, starred projects, etc. Starred projects are the ones you are currently working on and are displayed at the top of your Dashboard.

  2. Team and User Management - Users can create teams and add/invite members to join the team and portal for the project. There are different access types allowed for users based on the role they are assigned. Flexibility for the teams go to the point that each project can have different team members for it and different teams can be created.

  3. Project Management - Registered users can create projects and each project is displayed as a Card on his Dashboard. Each card has information about the project members, Experiments, Interviews and last updated information on it. Project Admin can assign members to the project, and based on the role each user has access to the project.

  4. Canvas, Interviews, Experiments - Canvas, Interviews and Experiments are 3 different modules in a project and can be accessed by members of project team. Each module enables users to add cards, move cards to different sections of module by Drag and Drop, comment & give reactions in cards, update card status, Archive Card, Share Card, Activity Log and add customers to cards. Cards are depicted as tasks in the project and users can be added to each card from the available members of project.

  5. Real Time Activity Log - Very interesting feature on this project which enables users to actually view the real time activity on the project. Each user can see the updates to project, cards as soon as they are completed by other user without having to refresh the page. To avoid any kind of Page refresh we have used from Node.js on this feature. Complete log of the activity on the project is generated and available to all project members.

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