Offering fun, safe and easy access to free printed books within their school community.

Project Info

Project Name: BeeBookHive
Project Type: Android and iOS app
Project Technology: React native
Web Backend: Laravel, MySql, Bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax
Integrations: Postmark

Project Brief

BeeBook Hive is a mobile app, built to transform and promote book reading habits among young children in a fun way. The app acts as a platform for children where they can swap, borrow-lend or give away books for free in their respective schools. Just like busy bees in a Bee Hive! The exchange of books is regulated using a simple point system. The app features an easy-to-use interface so that children can pick, read and rate printed books themselves without any difficulty. The app also makes it possible for children with shared interests and related book choices to connect with which each other through the BeeBook Hive App.


Android App, iOS App, Laravel, MySql, Bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax

Case Study

  1. Logo Significance: The logo of the BeeBook Hive App, we have incorporated some exciting words - SWAP, READ and BUZZ. These three words creatively reflect the gist of the app; SWAP signifies free and easy book sharing. Children could easily exchange their book with each other in the desired area. READ represents, read to learn and grow. BUZZ stands for the atmosphere of excitement and activity area where children can enjoy the books.

  2. User Interactions: Special thought has been put to make the app interactive for kids, therefore it takes a different approach towards sharing of books among kids.
    The children don't need to wander around to borrow or lend their favorite books. They can browse the books from the app and chat with the book owner directly, after which they can take it from the BeeBookHive location in their schools.

  3. Browse Any Book: In order to improve user interaction among others, the following prominent features have been added in various segments.
    a.) Browse books for exchange or to be given away
    b.) Chat directly with Book Owner.
    c.) Reminder Event date can be added easily within the app.
    d.) The app enables the children to connect with their fellow like-minded young readers by providing fun, safe and easy access to free printed books within their school community.
    e.) Children can easily get the books they like and find new books to expand their areas of interest.
    f.) Encourage parents to engage with children and talk about the books they enjoy.
    g.) Start BeeBook Clubs for children and teachers.
    h.) Include the class library books.
    i.) Make the book sharing process seamless.
    j.) Take away the hassle of locating lost books.
    k.) Enable easy tracking of children’s progress in reading.

  4. Password Security: User has access to make security with pin code and also change previous pin code with new one.

  5. Add Reviews and Ratings: The users of the app; Children and Parents alike can easily add reviews and ratings of the books being exchanged on the app. Children can review a book once they have read it and make it available for sharing, and other students can rate it after they give it back after reading. Both the activities redeem points for the users.

    After scanning the books, children could add their books for lending and borrowing. The ISBN technique makes it easy to view information about the book and share it with others.

  6. Chat Directly with the Book Owner: The app features a direct chat option to make it convenient to know about the availability of the books they want to read. The children can check the author details, book name, and can initiate a chat with the book owner to convey the desired date to them. According to the suitability of the date to the owner, the book owner gives them thumbs up or down emojis.

  7. Miscellaneous Features:
    a.) Switch Accounts – Parents can switch their children account after selecting the options.
    b.) Easily add new children names in the same app.
    c.) Easily change pin code for security.
    d.) Easily view graph counts for various modules i.e. Lent, Received, Currently Offering, etc.
    e.) The app can browse any title from the books that are read worldwide in the search screen. The usability of books is prompted and the school doesn’t have to face any more hassle trying to locate lost books

  8. Wishlist Your Books: The children can easily add and remove their favorite books from the wishlist screen in order to lend and take away books.

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