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Project Info

Project Name: MyWill
Project Status: Launched
Project Type: A web app to let users generate their will online by filling in their will criteria
Project URL:
Our Contribution: Website Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development
Project Technology: 1) Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
2) Backend: PHP, Laravel
3) Database: MySQL
Third Party Integration: PHP office/ PHP Word, Postmark, PayPal
Hosted on: GoDaddy

Project Brief

The project is a custom Laravel web application made for a Legal firm. It is used to generate the “Legal Will” for a user by accepting the required information like Personal details, Executor details, Last rites and Distribution of their assets.

The user submits the information in an interactive step-by-step procedure. The application removes any kind of legal jargon that may become incomprehensible for the user and replaces all the critical details with simple questions. The user’s responses are then transformed into a legal document with the correct formatting.

Once the submitted information is reviewed and finalized, the user receives the Will document on their email address. In the last step, the user is prompted to make the payment for document generation in order to complete the process. The application, therefore, simplifies the process of creating a legally-binding Will, without an attorney’s intervention.


Night mode, PayPal, jQuery, Ajax

Case Study

  1. Front-End Development:We did complete front-end development and design of the website using Laravel PHP framework. The website features a domain-oriented design which is responsive in nature, in order to enhance the User Experience on varying screen sizes. Users can generate their Will by submitting essential information in different forms laid out in progressing tabs. The application features the following modules.

  2. Registration: First the users have to create an account and after that they can access their dashboard by login.

  3. Dashboard: On the dashboard the users can create their new wills and they can also view or edit/update existing wills. The best part of this application is 'Save and Continue' functionality for each module and even users can complete their pending wills anytime.

  4. Personal Information:In this module, users have to fill their personal information like Identification, marital status and details about children. In the case of minor children, users are asked to provide information regarding the Guardian(s). Additionally, an interactive preview of the Will is also visible to the user, ensuring accuracy.

  5. Executors: In this module, users can provide information regarding the executors for their Will with the provision for adding alternative executors jointly as well. Also, you can also see the Will preview on the top right side of this form tab.

  6. Organ Distribution: This module records the user permission for the donation of organs and tissues, for transplant. The user chooses a simple “yes” and “no” response for registering their permission.

  7. Last Rites: In this module, the user is presented with a choice for the Last Rites. They can opt for Burial or Cremation with special requests (Optional), as they want it to be reflected in the Will.

  8. Distribution process: This is the most interesting module with some conditions:
    Exclude: The user can exclude any person from the distribution process.
    Distribution of Specific Assets: Users can distribute their specific assets to the children, spouse, specific person or charity. Also, they can also see that preview on the top right side of this form tab. If the user doesn’t want it in a specific assets manner, then they can select relevant options such as giving everything to a specific person or dividing the assets among multiple people.

  9. Payment: After completing all the modules, the user must confirm their contact number. By clicking on the submit button, the user is redirected on the PayPal payment page. Once the payment is successful, the user will receive their required Will as a document in their email inbox.

Client Testimonial

"We recently engaged Chhavi and her team to Develop our online Legal Will Platform for our Legal firm McDonald Legal. Chhavi's team at Dikonia are the best I have ever worked with, the technical expertise is second to none and our project was managed to scope and to budget. Highly recommend Chhavi and Dikonia for any web applications or mobile applications"

Daniel Mcdonald
Project Owner – Mcdonald Legal

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