These unprecedented times have hit everyone differently!

Everyone’s dealing with the new lifestyle in a rather personalized way. Nevertheless, we all are able to spend the longest time at home, working in a home-based environment. For some, it’s very efficient, however, for some others, it is rather unproductive. We miss the office chaos, the water cooler gossip, the work-centric environment, the discipline, and most importantly the quiet.

However, in all these years, we have learnt that humans have the ability to bring out the best even in the worst of situations. If work-from-home is the new way of life, we can enhance our productivity and become a star-employee there as well. You can reprogram your mind to use your work hours more efficiently, this will require some minor and easy changes.

Enlisted are 5 mannerisms that will make you a star work-from-home employee:


1. Make a schedule, a task list, and timelines

Task lists are an incredibly powerful tool to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the jobs. Being in the comfort of your home, your mind is constantly distracted. A task list can help you analyze the work you have on your plate.

The next best thing will be to schedule those tasks and set personal timelines to accomplish each one. This will not be the perfect self-motivating practice, but will also help you achieve your goals as per the set schedule.

Keeping track of your jobs becomes chaotic in the work from home setting, this is the best way to keep track of the progress of each task and send the files well in time. Following timelines builds your reputation as a punctual employee who understands the importance of time.

2. The power of 5-second rule

This one is a powerful tool to reprogram your mind and make sure you don’t miss out on any deadlines. In the comfort of your home, there is a bright chance that a quick nap might seem more attractive of an option, and there could be a hundred other destructive elements. Since the workplace dynamics have changed, it is cardinal to have a more focussed approach from the comfort of your sofa, bed, or anywhere you chose to sit.

The 5-second rule is the key to make sure you stick to your schedule and get things done in time. As we have already set the ground rules stating that you have prepared a task list and a schedule, now every time you complete one task and get distracted, or even during the middle of the task, count till five and set your mind to the next task or to the same one. It might seem difficult at first, but it will be a matter of time when you will get a hang of it and your work will be much more efficient.

Every now and then you can get out, take a walk, and get going!

3. Find the perfect corner to work

Your sitting place has a lot to do with the efficiency of your work. Make sure, it’s uncluttered, personalized (best suited to your needs), and above all comfortable. A messy work station can get very distracting since it will keep on reminding you about all the pending household chores.

You need to get out of your home mode to get into the work mode!
Your work station shouldn’t be distracting at all! A desk lamp, some focus music, a comfortable chair for your back to rest easy, water bottle kept on the side and maybe some coffee/tea too can add up to get you rolling!

4. Dress up to slay the day

Power of dressing up does not limit itself to impressing the people outside or helping you fit in. Your mind is programmed to feel more confident, more professional when you are dressed up.

Well, if you are trying to bring the best out, you got to dress up for work.
So, get out of the cosy pyjamas, get your cool tee out and stick to the schedule. You’re going to ace the workday for sure.

5. Get Tech-savvy

“Modern problems call for modern solutions.”

Digital communication can cause a lot of misunderstanding if done inefficiently. You, as a pro, need to up your game when it comes to different means of communication digitally.

Digital communication calls for a more critical approach to the message you wish to send out. There mustn’t be any loose ends, to reduce the scope of misinterpretation and be descriptive. Use plenty of screenshots, images, presentations, data, texts, and videos to explain your point.

Video conferences and audio calls are your life saviour! Present your ideas, thoughts, and data in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Using the right software applications will help you de-stress and stay productive!


The comfort of home can open your mind to more ideas or can slow you down. It’s completely onto you to make the best of this time. Diversify your skill set, learn new things, better your communication skills, and treat yourself every time you accomplish a goal.

We are going to get through this with flying colours.