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Have you been burnt by marketing? Do you believe digital practices don’t pay? Someone sold you banner ads and the conversion was dismal? Are you determined to stick to prospecting and cold calling because they don’t bite?

Dikonia sees marketing as an umbrella term. As a wheel that steadily progresses towards the goals you set for it. If you take away spokes from a wheel, it loses its balance and topples over! The same is true for marketing. Don’t get caught up in the debate of social versus email. When you have the resources, use them both. This approach gets guaranteed results. But it also needs a thorough understanding of everything – from SEO to PPC to videos.

Thankfully our experts do and that is why we can afford to create highly customized marketing strategies that use as many (or as few) of the methodologies as needed to see the traction that our clients desire.


Content Calendar Strategy Planning

Content Calendars and create a timeline of what should be posted each month for the maximum impact.

We assign relevant topics to your in-house team of writers. And can even take on the responsibility of being your wordsmith.


Guest Blogging and identify viable platforms that will give you the coveted backlinks without raising Google’s suspicions.

Influencer Marketing-Services

Influencer Marketing and set up a network of authority Twitteratis and LinkedIn celebrities who can be nurtured into spokespersons for your brand.

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing and come up with the specifics of where your videos should be posted and in which format to drive viral behavior.

Pay Per Click Services Company India

PPC on Google Adwords and all other respectable channels. Every PPC campaign we execute comes with its detailed performance report. Our experts can handle the Power Editor too, so breathe easy!

Social Media Marketing Company India

Social Media Marketing and provide you a detailed, itemized breakdown of how each platform can be tapped to your best advantage through postings, ads and contests.

Search Engine Optimization Company India

Search Engine Optimization and recommend it as an ongoing practice. We marry SEO with PPC and social for a double whammy that catapults you into the upper echelons of SERPs.

Email marketing Company India

Email Marketing and ensure that your one-off campaigns and autoresponders get you that 1200% ROI that everyone talks about.

Drive Traffic on Website

Offline endeavors and do a commendable job of balancing them with online efforts. We have driven traffic to seminars from Facebook and up-sold the attendees via email. It is possible and feasible.

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