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Here’s why Freelance Developers are Not
the Greatest Thing to Happen to Your Business

Posted On 25 May, 2016

Outsource Your Custom Software Development Projects

Ever been in a situation where reading (or fantasizing) about it was a lot more fun than actually experiencing it first hand? We are pretty sure you can recount at least a few such incidents. Actually we all can! This is disillusionment resulting from ‘hype’ - Hype that the object or the concept or indeed the entity around which the situation revolved couldn’t live up to.

Have You Ever Tried ‘Outsourcing’ Your Custom Software Development Projects to Lone Freelancers?

There are generally two ways this goes down.

1. You hire a lone developer who claims he can get it all done.. You guess he has helping hands. Maybe he outsources at his end, breaking down your project into smaller chunks. Maybe he is the face for a larger outfit that has a team of some sort. Anyway, our point is, in this scenario you do not need to specifically go ahead and hire a number of individuals. It is just one payment made to one developer.

2. You break the project up in house. You have some knowledge of how you should proceed with the development. Perhaps you have an IT team but it is too swamped with prior commitments and you wish to go the contingent worker way. You do not like the idea of handing over your software concept in one pretty package to an individual and this is why you decide to go ahead and assemble your own little team of pros who will work together but no single member will have a ‘big picture’ overview. Someone has suggested that this is an effective approach to prevent data loss or theft. And you feel comfortable with the promise of retaining a semblance of control over your project.

There is a third option – you could outsource to a competent development firm with years of experience in the technology that your software will be leveraging, but hey, it’s costly right? There is no need to contemplate the prospect of costly. Costly is a strict no-no!

All that is Great, But Have You Thought about These Issues That are bound to Come Up?

Outsource Software Development Projects to Dikonia

Once you read this article, go and discuss the points we raise with qualified individuals – people who have outsourced the hard way and learnt some pretty snarky lessons. And they will agree with everything that you are about to learn.

The outsourcing chain is a labyrinth that has no exit: What do we mean by the outsourcing labyrinth? We are talking about what ensues when you hand your project over to a lone ranger developer who looks good on paper but has no support team to speak of. Understand that you are lured in by the apparent cost effectiveness of the proposition. It is outright cheap. You can pay off your developer and still have money left over for a steak and beer fest at the office. And who doesn’t want that! But here is the deal, in 9 out of 10 cases lone developers are sitting on mini outsourcing factories of their own. Maybe they execute the actual backend coding. Maybe they do the UI. But take it from us, they outsource the rest left, right and center. If everything goes as desired, great! But the potential for mess-ups is epic. The players who are delegated assignments by your developer are people you will never interact with. Your guy maybe in your home town but these individuals might as well be in Timbaktu. Their ethics may be questionable even if they are proficient at what they do. They might hawk your concept elsewhere. Or misuse your sensitive company data. And there is nothing you can do about it right away.

Some Dikonia clients have horror stories of tracking down ‘professionals’ three levels down from the individual they had originally awarded the project to for the purpose of getting them to sign an NDA that would shut them up about ‘working with XYZ’.

Mistakes may come back to haunt you months, even years later. So do not make them in the first place.

A team of lone developers is NOT a team: This has to do with the second alternative we discussed. Having control over your custom software by orchestrating the work and communication of your contingent team is better right? No outsourcing labyrinth. But you know as well as we do that the supposed cost effectiveness quotient here goes out the window. Assembling a team of pros is easier said than done. One individual may take up to about 40 hours to find. And if you want to go the simultaneous route, you will have to mount a full-fledged recruitment campaign with dedicated resources. Have you tried posting a project on a platform like Upwork? Within the first minute you receive 4 proposals. And by the end of the day you have at least 30 to 40 candidates bombarding you with their credentials. It is exhausting. And that isn’t even the most challenging aspect of the deal. Communication is where everything starts to unravel. Individuals used to working alone just can’t adapt to working with people they have never met before and that too in a virtual setting.

Deadlines get missed. There is no understanding or respect amongst team members. And even if you try to suggest some guidelines to ensure collaboration, most are just not followed.

Many Dikonia clients have terminated projects mid-way to end the chaos and confusion. It is not a good place to be in.

We at Dikonia firmly believe in the tenets of privacy, quality and collaboration. Because we get it right the first time and offer a plethora of value added services for maintaining, packaging and promoting the software applications we create at attractive prices, we are almost as affordable as your lone developers – without all the hassles involved.

Please get in touch with us at chhavi.firani@dikonia.com to learn more about our services.

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