Custom ERP Solution

Project Info

Project Name: Eviva
Project Type: Custom ERP Solution
Project Technology: CakePHP, Ajax, jScript
Third Party Integration: Elfinder

Project Brief

A custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) web application was built for Eviva Ltd., a UK based engineering solutions firm. The application was built to automate, and make accessible various business processes that help the firm keep track of several aspects of day to day running of their operations. This includes billing, human resource allocation, financial estimations and document management. The extensive system was built after thorough discussions to understand the underlying principles and requirements of the business operations undertaken at Eviva Ltd. The outcome is an ERP application that is insightful and efficient, helps with cost cutting, and with identifying of resource allocation.


  1. Complete Tracking - the system is tracked from start to end, till all payments regarding the operation are received. The system is built is such that every step involved in the process of doing a job can be fed into the system, and tracked conveniently. This also includes the amount of human labor, equipment and thereby costings, all trackable from a simple to use ERP solution.

  2. Human Resource Management - Though not a full fledged employee centric HRM system, Eviva's ERP solution helps keep track of work activity and efficiency of each time of staff member of the firm. Be it management, or field engineers, the system is designed to manage work logs of each type of employee. All activity of each type of employee is recorded by the system, and generates reports that let the administrator know about the cost and earning per employee, along with Overhead Profit values.

  3. Billing - One of the most important aspects of the whole ERP system was to keep track of purchase orders for suppliers, invoices for clients, and credits extended to both. The system collects information from every step of a job, and creates both supplier purchase orders and invoices for clients. Data accumulated from worksheets, filled out by field engineers, and purchase requests as well as miscellaneous costs added are used to create invoices, which can further be overridden by the administrator, if need be. What's more, in the case of both purchase orders and invoices, the administrator has the ability to make adjustments, provide discounts, and take into account credits extended to his associates. All billing related documents can be downloaded and saved in custom PDF formats.

  4. Document Management - An easy to use Windows explorer type interface makes document management a breeze for Eviva Ltd. Depending upon user access permissions, various documents related to company finances, specific jobs, and employees can be stored easily in dedicated folders.

Client Testimonial

I have been working with the Dikonia team and with Chhavi over a period of 12 months on various software projects. The duration of the time we have been working together is a testament to the service provided by the team at Dikonia, As a client we expect a high level of service and quality and to date this is what we have always received from Chhavi. Strengths include; being able to understand our requirements in layman terms and turning these into reality through the software that has been produced for our needs. I can comfortably say that the software that has been developed for our business by Dikonia has enabled us to reduce our existing systems by at least 50% and thus reducing our costs to our business. Where the real talent lies with Chhavi, is her ability to take your idea and make it a reality to assist your business development.

David Lee
Project Owner

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