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3 Principles of Conversion Centric Design

Posted On 16 June, 2016

Conversion Centric Web Design

Are You Using These on Your Site & Landing Pages?

Text is great!

Text is the mainstay of the internet, the medium with which the website and blog revolutions found their feet. But in case you haven’t noticed, text takes focus and concentration to assimilate. Text requires the reader to go through the content shutting away all other distractions in order to make the most of the information. In short text is for Baby Boomers and to some extent the Gen Xers!

Now welcome the Millennials!

These are individuals driven by a compulsive need to multi-task. Their schedules are filled to overflowing with commitments that need their attention. And most importantly these are creative who do not want to spend time deciphering the intent of a page or a website. To lure Millennial buyers in, the call to Action not only needs to be explicit. It needs to be registered, right away almost on a subconscious level.

This is the reason why conversion centric design is such a hot topic. With its principles companies can use text sparingly and leverage the impact of design elements to provide the buyer with ‘action clarity’ and drive him or her to the ultimate goal from the page – which might be buys, registrations or downloads.

Before Proceeding, Keep in Mind:

If you as a business struggle about the ‘where and when’ of landing page use, here is a quick tip.A dedicated landing page is needed in all instances where more than one link to explore may take the prospect away from the desired goal of the campaign. If you are selling an eBook and you feel that the navigation bar of your website scatters attention and does nothing to augment the information on the Sales page, then most probably a long-form sales landing page is the best bet.

3 Principles of Conversion Centric Design

1. Use white space. Liberally. Especially around the sign up form, the registration call or the buy button (so the Call-to-Action). White space forces an individual to focus on the CTA because there is nothing else to be distracted by. Apple’s design always makes excellent use of white space. The copy is powerful, streamlined and compelling. And overall pages tend to have a lot of breathing space. Given their phenomenal brand appeal and conversion power, it is safe to assume that white space isn’t all that bad and trumps a cluttered visual experience any day. This example from Instapaper delineates the point extremely well.


2. Include trust signals. We at Dikonia believe that improving the trust factor of a brand and inspiring believability in visitors and buyers is one of the primary responsibilities of a good landing page or even website. This is why the first thing that we enquire of clients is the availability of partner logos and site security badges. These elements instantly create a positive impression. And in case of Ecommerce sites may be the difference between a bona fide sale and cart abandonment. Here are a few examples of trust signals done right. The ‘As Seen On’ or ‘As Featured In’ ribbon is also a kind of trust signal, one that establishes authority in the desired niche.

Google Adwords SMB Partner

Featured Business partners

In fact many experts consider a physical office address, social profiles and busy blogs prominent trust factors that both Google and users take into consideration.

3. Directional cues. We know most of you must be rolling your eyes by now. Directional cues bring up memories of static pages full of garish arrows and embellishments that would put an Indian wedding to shame. Directional cues have evolved a lot and are now sophisticated tools to gently guide the attention of the visitor to where it belongs. The most prominent trend nowadays is to use the line of sight or vision of actual human faces to automatically draw the eye, spark curiosity and relatability and improve conversions.

Kissmetrics and Google Analytics

Did you find this enlightening and eye opening? Dikonia has been consulting with companies for years on the principles of Conversion Centric Design and Landing Page Optimization. We keep ourselves updated with the inputs of giants like Unbounce so that your brand can make the most of their insights without paying the big bucks.

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