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Posted On 10 July, 2016

Content Marketing Services

Wake Up, You Need It

We at Dikonia work with a lot of tech companies. In fact SaaS is our specialty. We code their applications for them from scratch, we get their sites live and then we sit back and smile. Because we know that we will be approached down the line. For marketing assistance!

Here is the thing; most software vendors believe that the new era of digital marketing is not a good fit for their business model. If it is a B2B endeavor then they tend to rely heavily on tried and tested sales, prospecting and cold calling methods. But none of them work as well as they used to. Buyer empowerment has drastically changed the world of business to business deals as well. C Level executives now have their own research teams that start the process of vetting providers without sending out an explicit proposal for quotes.


Because they can! Because there is so much user generated content online that anyone with a desire to gather information can end up with more than enough to be labelled an expert. The equation has skewed heavily in favor of purchasers. And if recent research is to be believed 80% of prospects who reach out to a company for information are already past the awareness stage and well on their way to making a decision.

So Software Companies Have Lost the Ability to Influence the Formative Stage of the Deal:

If interactions and a typical sales cycle are taken into consideration – yes! Companies are no longer able to influence the perception of their brand and their offering from get-go. They can no longer slide in their rep calls and build the favorability or feasibility of their solution to a crescendo.

But they can reach out and touch the prospective buyers. And the only way to do so is through high quality content marketing.

Effective Content Marketing Strategies

Please Make Note of the Word ‘High Quality’ Here:

Almost every company makes it a point to churn out a weekly blog. But most do it without taking into consideration the Buyer’s Journey.

There are specific stages that a prospect goes through as he and his team struggles to decide on a software solution that can get the desired ROI. It is important to keep in mind that there is a very real sense of accountability with the people who will read your collateral assets as they are required to justify their decision to the board when the time to tally benefits comes. We at Dikonia have found the following phases to be common to most B2B and B2C software purchasers as they sift the wheat from the chaff and progress towards finalizing a vendor.

1. The Twinge Stage: This is when the symptoms of a deep rooted issue come to flight. Businesses and individuals feel the first twinges of discomfort and realize that all is not well with the world. The ideal content here are short (300 to 400 word) blog posts with attention grabbing headlines that put their pain points up front and center.

2. The ‘Give Me More’ Stage: Over the give me more phase prospects consume the most content. All they wish to do is learn everything possible about their problem. Give them blogs, whitepapers, videos and social posts diving deeper into the reasons behind their discomfort and the possible ways to eliminate them.

3. The Solutions Stage This is when your brand should step into the picture with its unique benefits. And the value proposition. Buyers need to understand that you are the best bet they can make, the best investment. Ebooks about your software features and vendor comparisons work really well here.

4. The Rope In Stage: Most companies completely disregard this phase. But it is the last push before the big purchase. Do not offer them conventional content here. Instead go in for sandbox environment setting customized to their needs, discount deals and SLA negotiations to better suit their requirements.

Content marketing is so much more than text. It includes graphics, videos and even incentives to tilt the balance in your favor. Have doubts about where to start? Email Dikonia at chhavi.firani@dikonia.com for a consultation session.

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