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24 January

Who likes extra work?

Why Website Design Wireframing is Important

Why Website Design Wireframing is Important & 3 Pay-Offs of Having One Created

Who likes extra work?

Do you go around looking for more client requests to fulfill? Or indeed more files to check than what your boss has already pushed your way?

The answer is “No”.

And this answer should provide you with a very good idea of why your website design or app creation agency is not keen on producing wireframes for you to check.

Wireframes add an extra step to their delivery process. And entail more work.

But Does That Mean Wireframing is Not Relevant?

Let us ask you the question again.

Who likes extra work?

If wireframes are nothing but hassle, why have they been around for years? Why do studies and research show that wireframing and prototyping are capable of reducing miscommunication between clients and providers by almost 50%?

It goes without saying that wireframing has earned credibility.

What is Our Take on Wireframing?

Dikonia Methodology for Wireframing

We at Dikonia are very particular about our wireframes. We not only include wireframing as a mandatory step in website design and application interfacing, we also take on independent wireframing projects because developers these days are always in a hurry to send deliverables out the door and unfortunately they often skip or flat out refuse to accommodate wireframing.

There are many reasons why we love a meticulous wire-frame. And here are some of our top picks:

1. Wireframing gives both us and clients flexibility. We are not Gods. Our vision is not perfect. We may conceive an idea or a concept only to realize that it doesn’t really fit with the goal of the site or the custom application. Since wireframes are essentially black and white, no frill blueprints of where each component of a solution will go and how the elements will interact with each other, if we do spot a discrepancy between what we wish to achieve and our original vision, we can always correct it without wasting time. Wireframes accommodate frequent changes easily and giveclients the option of ‘changing their mind’ before transitioning into actual design and production.

2. Wireframing offers clarity. Site maps are good first steps. But have you seen the sitemap of a large and complicated website or app? It is almost impossible to understand how a user will navigate the asset. Without a wireframe a website or an application is amorphous. Clients are free to decipher the final layout in a way they find appealing. But this layout may not be what the coders and designers have in mind! And this is where disillusionment and unmet expectations creep in. With wireframes, both parties get on the same page instantly.
Everybody is clear on: – What a site might look like – How users will interact with the site or the app

3. Wireframes offer room for improvement. Like it or not anyone who has viewed a wireframe understands that the blueprint makes envisioning the site or the app in its final form effortless. And this sparks innovation. Clients and designers can refine the sales funnel and the pages involved in the funnel right at the wireframing stage. They can brainstorm about ways to increase sign ups and better utilize whitespace with forms and pop-ups. Wireframes in short are amazing tools that probe the idea of a business and the site or app that is being created to support it. And the result is often pure gold.

And now it’s your turn! Do you insist on the creation of wireframes? Do you make do without them? Is your provider capable of putting together functional wireframes that tell the story of your project without the cumbersome branding and content considerations? Let us know your comments.

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