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3 September

Top 7 Reasons for You to Switch to WordPress

In today’s era of technology, there are many emerging and established technologies available for one to choose for his website. But wait! Are You not a Tech savy person and in double minds to choose the right platform for your website.


How would you feel if I tell you that you have just come to the right place? Here, we describe the top 7 Reasons for you to choose WordPress over other technologies:

1. WordPress is well Established and Popular:

WordPress is around from the days, when websites started to evolve, having more than 10 years of existence over the web and that can be counted as 100 years in internet years. Since its inception, dozens of improvements have been made to it and continuous available support has made it evolve into a mature and user friendly CMS platform. That’s the reason; WordPress is preferred by most of the entrepreneurs who deal with lots of content.

2. Easy to Setup and Manage:

You are not a coder, no worries!! WordPress is here to your rescue. It is very easy to setup and manage and anyone with negligible technical knowledge can handle it by themselves. Concurrently, it also provides a documentation guide to help users install WordPress. Online support and forums to discuss and get answers from has made WordPress one of the most user friendly platforms which are very easy to manage.


3. It’s already Mobile Optimized:

Today’s era is dominated by Smartphones and all WordPress themes are already Mobile optimized right out of the box. No need of any additional customization or investing thousands of dollars in its maintenance

Its responsive themes will ensure that your site will fit to all types of devices and screen sizes with a fancy look. How easy it has made for you to reach the global audience through various devices.

4. Customization is Easy:

Most themes are easy to customize and adding your own Logos, banners, manipulate content and many other customizations, can be done easily through WordPress Dashboard.

Numerous plug-ins are available for free to integrate and add enhance features to make your tasks easy. For example, “Contact Form 7” is a very popular Plug-in specifically designed for WordPress blogs. Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

5. Content Loaded:

Today, content serves as King for Online Brand building and WordPress CMS allows you to have any amount of content on the website and still perform optimally. If you might have noticed any of the Content Loaded websites then you will see most of them are built using WordPress and hiring one of the expert WordPress Development Companies could be a good idea to begin with.

Here is one such website We Did with over 100 Pages and Lots of Content: www.pgc.edu.in

6. SEO Optimized:

WordPress is the only CMS that supports SEO extensively. Even, Matt Cutts (Distinguished Engineer from Google) is also in favor of WordPress to say, “It automatically solves tons of SEO issues”.

Moreover, WordPress helps you to optimize your website or blog as per search engine guidelines and thus, improves your keyword rankings with availability of hundreds of free SEO Plug-ins. For example, “Yoast SEO” is a free and very popular Plug-in to be used for SEO Optimization like adding Meta Title, Meta Descriptions and Keywords to your all pages uniquely.

7. Built-In Blogs:

Blogging is an integral part of Branding and online web marketing. Initially, WordPress started as a simple blogging platform but now, has extended its reach to full-fledged websites. Planning and executing a Content Marketing strategy is very easy through WordPress.

It does not matter, if it’s your first or tenth website, WordPress will always be a great choice. If you still have any uncertainties making your decision, contact us now to get a free consultation.

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