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5 December

Dikonia Featured in Leading Research on Clutch


At Dikonia, it’s all about intelligence. We don’t mean our IQs, although those are pretty great, too! For us, it’s all about the three most important ways we can deliver smart solutions for the clients we work with: project intelligence, emotional intelligence, and resource intelligence. Here’s how this manifests in our company:


  • We work hard to make sure that we understand the needs of every project.
  • Our team focuses on honesty and transparency, delivering a fun and open experience while we collaborate.
  • As a company, we make sure we’re realistic and accountable in the promises me make clients.


While we’re proud that we see this in our own company, we’re even more proud that our clients see this, too. Recently, two of our partners shared their views of Dikonia with research firm Clutch, helping us to gain a presence in Clutch’s development research.


Clutch is a ratings and review platform based in Washington, DC. Their research examines thousands of companies in the development, marketing, and business services spaces to determine the quality and performance of each firm. With the company covering hundreds of research segments and dozens of countries around the globe, we’re excited to be part of their growing research coverage.

Chief among the tools Clutch uses to analyze the firms on their site are client reviews. So far, Dikonia has maintained a 5-star score. Here are some of the great things our clients affirmed about Dikonia:


“We’re quite happy with what they do. They deliver usually on time, and sometimes they’re ahead of schedule when we have major upgrades. We’re fine-tuning now, so for most of the modifications or changes, they’re able to implement and get it right the first time. Sometimes the communication from us isn’t fully clear, or they misunderstand our meaning. I think that happens because we’ve been working together for three years, and each party knows the other quite well, so we don’t go into lengthy briefing like we used to.”


“They are responsive, understanding, and reasonable in commercial terms. They respond positively to critique.”


To find out more about what our clients have said, you can read our full-length reviews on our Clutch profile. As Clutch continues their research on Dikonia, we’re excited to see where our clients’ comments continue to take us.

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