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6 September

5 Technical Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Is your website not generating good enquiries or Are you dissatisfied with performance of your online presence?? Then it’s time to analyze and find out the rooms for improvement but; How will you know that you need to redesign the website?

Consulting with an expert can help to find out the reasons to redesign website and implementing them. If not chosen wisely, it can also dig you into wastage of money. We recommend, spending some time in researching and finding the appropriate reasons.

As like, we have explained the 5 major and technical reasons that will indicate your need to redesign website. Let’s start with the factors one by one:

1. Outdated Structure and Sitemap:

Is your website having high Bounce Rate? The reason might be the structure of your website. Do you know why??

Website navigation structure and sitemap design plays a significant role helping users find the desired results conveniently. If the users can’t get to the information they are looking for easily, then it’s high time to get the website a new site map.

2. Low ROI:

Investing hundreds of dollars during a website design, takes the too much pain if it does not look appealing to your customers. This directly harms your business growth and reduces the Return on Investment.

While a great looking website can bring more profit than you never imagined and averagely people spend more time on a site if it looks pretty and eye-catching. Integrating Call-to-Actions at appropriate places helps users to reach out to you easily and increases your sales count.

3. Mobile Compatibility:


With the trending Smartphone technology, the world is getting completely mobile. More than 70% of people use their Smartphones to find and buy any service or product Online. A mobile friendly site allows visitors to become a potential buyer and would be only possible if the website mobile friendly.

Responsive design and layout of your website will ensure that a wide range of audience is reached inspite of varying screen sizes.

4. Poor Search Engine Rankings:

If your online marketing or Search Engine Optimization strategy is not producing results as desired then, it could be possibly due to outdated design trends followed by the website. The websites created several years ago were not built as SEO optimized and that doesn’t allow you to rank higher in search engine results.

Therefore, you have to redesign your website by implementing some required features in it like user-friendly navigation structure, optimized images, unique and quality content and SEO Optimized Meta Titles and Descriptions. This will make your website rank higher than your competitors thus, increasing your business visibility over web.

5. Your peers and Rivals have professional looking website:

If you are not up –to-date with latest technology, then you will be left behind. If all your competitors have a modern looking website it will for obvious reasons attract more users enabling them stay ahead of you. So, for the all prominent reasons, your website will lack behind the rankings and ultimately result in fall of traffic.

We hope, you will find these reasons suitable to help you take the right decision to redesign and update your website. For consultation, contact Dikonia to help you make decision and redesign your website.

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