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5 Secrets to Keep Your Business Growing

Today to have a successful business, you must be flexible with expert planning and management skills. You must be completely dedicated and willing to go to an edge for your business.


5 Reasons Businesses shouldn't ignore Content Marketing

Content marketing has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. Online business presence allows the audience to get more informative data about your business products and services with interesting graphical content.


Online Marketing in 2017: It’s Time for a Change

It’s high time we reviewed our online marketing strategies and with forthcoming New Year 2017, it is always a good time to start implementing new ideas.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose PHP over ASP.Net

Today, when it comes to building websites, PHP and ASP.NET are probably the two most popular options to choose from. But which one is better in terms of cost, usability, SEO rankings, and moreover about its maintenance and user-friendliness.

How to Get Customer Testimonials

Why Customer Testimonials Are Important and How You Can Get Them!

Are you aware, how much powerful testimonials are? People nowadays, only purchase a product or avail services which have been highly recommended by its previous buyers. And that is made by the testimonials only.

Benefits of Custom SaaS Apps

5 Reasons Why to Choose Custom SaaS Apps

Nowadays, Software as a Service (SaaS) is playing a major role to modernize businesses with information technology transformation. Let’s discuss its biggest benefits for consumers like yourselves

Reasons to use Wordpress

5 Reasons Why Your Business needs a Mobile App?

Today, more than 70% people are devoted to Smartphone usage for their common needs and tasks. More than this, here are 5 major reasons that explain inclination of today’s businesses towards Mobile apps

How to Chose SEO Company

5 Factors to consider while choosing an SEO Company

With rapid growth of World Wide Web in the last few decades, scenario of online marketing and advertising has changed a lot. The trends of service marketing and product marketing are revolutionized to the extent that you don’t have to move around telling people about your products or services.

Reasons to use Wordpress

5 Reasons Why should You Automate Your Business Process

Are you indulged in massive paperwork to track business processes? Does it take more time and labor of your employees?

Today, if you want to succeed fast..


5 Technical Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Are you dissatisfied with performance of your online presence?? Then it’s time to analyze and find out the rooms for improvement

Reasons to use Wordpress

Top 7 Reasons for You to Switch to WordPress

Are You not a Tech savy person and in double minds to choose the right platform for your website.

How would you feel if I tell you that you have just come to the right place?

Wireframing and Documentation

Who likes extra work?

Do you go around looking for more client requests to fulfill? Or indeed more files to check than what your boss has already pushed your way?

Content Marketing for Software Companies

Content Marketing for Software Companies: Wake Up, You Need It

We at Dikonia work with a lot of tech companies. In fact SaaS is our specialty. We code their applications for them from scratch, we get their sites live and then we sit back and smile.

Conversion Centric Web Design

3 Principles of Conversion Centric Design: Are You Using These on Your Site & Landing Pages?

Text is the mainstay of the internet, the medium with which the website and blog revolutions found their feet. But in case you haven’t noticed, text takes focus and concentration to assimilate.

outsource your IT projects

Trouble making decision to outsource your IT projects?

Here’s why Freelance Developers are Not the Greatest Thing to Happen to Your Business.

Analytics and HR Department

Is your company's HR Department efficient enough??

Analytics is the future. And there is no need to be in a blazing hurry to adopt this ‘trend’. BI is quite possibly the only practice that will still be going strong 50 years into the future. Take your time HR and do it right!

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